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TRENDING NOW! Social Media goes ABUZZ with these news about Baba Yao.

Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu Baba Yao who is also the Jubilee Party Kiambu gubernatorial flag bearer for the August 8 polls, addressing enthusiastic residents of Thika Town on Monday evening near Kristina Wangari Gardens.
Photos and videos of Kiambu Jubilee Party gubernatorial nominee Ferdinand Waititu Baba Yao’s instant remedy to the problem of traffic snarl-ups in Thika Town has gone viral with social media abuzz with congratulatory messages trending especially on Facebook.

Pictures of Baba Yao instructing bulldozer drivers on what to do were widely circulated on the social media with over 70,000 people talking about it on social networking site Facebook on Tuesday alone.

Majority of them voiced their support for the ‘incoming governor’ and praised his ‘instant’ solution to problems.

Here are a few comments on different social media platforms;

“Brilliant. Finally a solution. Passed by here this evening and it works like a charm.” commented Nadim Mawji on Facebook.

“I can't believe that we have heard such a big problem for years and it is solved in one day. Aki I have no words.” - Annabell Njambi.

“And today I got home from work early thanks to this.” - Jacinta Kabue.

“This is what we have been lacking, Thika tumelia traffic jam miaka mingi, and the worst part is, it’s something that can be avoided. For example, it only take a passenger Flyover Bridge at Witeithie to do away with the madness we experience every weekend from blue post. Sometimes you wonder why someone can’t just put up a dual way brigde (leading to thika town) at Blue post. Babayao kazi kwako.” said Bonny Iso Karanja 

“Good strategy, Thika has been losing business to Kenol town due to traffic menace, no wonder it's rapid growth.”  - Jackson J Leonne 

“Does it mean that those engineers given the contract to expand the bridge didn't have that option at the back of their minds? And yet some people continue to mock and diss baba yao's intelligence! 
Who feels stupid now? Ferdinand, keep it up!” - Kariuki Albert

“It's now official the Governor of Kiambu County has started to serve the people of Kiambu! Well done sir, the former governor should had over the mantle to you and the office keys as quickly ​as possible.” - Elijah Mukundi 

“Nice work..... Thika sub county contributes a lot of revenue to Kiambu county and deserve good service...” - Ngigi Alex 

“Good initiative and hope this will be kick start of new beginning of new development in Thika as new coming Kiambu GOVERNER well done.” - Joseph Ndungu 

“Finally we have been remembered, I always watch my back when on that bridge, wow.” - Mary W Njoroge 

“Simba Waititu mwenyewe!” - Toroitich Peter  

“My governor, kusema na kutenda” Benson Kamochu.

“Wakahare ako sawa, baba yao” - Martin Lawrence Mutai.

“At least my vote is worth Waititu.” - Gibuu Blaxx 

“Baba yao show them how to do it. Keep it up.” - Nyaga Kori.


Otherwise, over to you the Kiambu electorate……..

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