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This is why I decided to vie as an Independent candidate – Kabogo explains.

Governor William Kabogo Gitau addressing the press from his Kiambu home on Sunday where he declared his resolve to defend his seat as an independent candidate.

Following Sunday’s declaration by Kiambu Governor William Kabogo that he will run as an independent candidate, the demographic of the county’s politics is now back to ground zero - two major political rivals facing off in the gubernatorial position in August.

Making the announcement at his Kiambu residence where he was accompanied by his wife, Kabogo said he made the decision after he was approached by thousands of people who wanted him to run. 

He also hinted electoral irregularities, claiming that there was a plot to stop his development agenda and subvert the wishes of Kiambu people.

“Powerful forces do not want me to be the Governor of Kiambu come August 8. Make no mistake, my silence over the last couple of weeks was as a result of a peace pact I signed and want to honour. The younger Kabogo would have handled things differently but now my thoughts turn to what will be good for the county,” he said.

“Having consulted my wife, Kiambu residents and friends I hereby announce my independent candidature...I will be on the ballot. At the end of the day, we are one people with the same dream,” he added.

Kabogo said the outcome in Jubilee Primaries where he was defeated by a landslide by Ferdinand Waititu didn’t reflect the will of the people since it was marred by massive irregularities. He added that his campaign will be agenda guided and not about spreading propaganda.

Nominations results showed that Waititu garnered 353,604 votes, while Kabogo got 69,916.

“To our detractors, watch this space. We will do it through God’s help and with His help and as we work together as one people, we will pull through all obstacles and challenges. With purpose and great determination, I promise every man, woman, and child in this county that I will break my back to give you the best leadership; I will break a sweat to bring investment in this county. I will exhaust ideas in my mind to make this County great again,” Governor Kabogo asserted.

He claimed that there are people who had hurt his family but promised not to be swayed and was ready to face hurdles ahead of the polls.

“The elections had many flaws. We have the evidence that there was rigging. It is not a battle of who is stronger or who is better at spreading propaganda but rather it’s about the vision. The vision that will take us to what we have the potential to become,” he said.

He thanked the voters for coming out in large numbers and voting for him during the nominations.

“I thank voters who came out in large numbers, for everyone who voted for me, I want to say Asante. I am proud of you and for those who did not vote for me, I thank you as well,” he said.

He concluded by stating that he still supported the Jubilee government and would campaign for the re-election of Uhuru Kenyatta as the president of Kenya. 

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