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Six people Perish in a grisly accident in Kakuzi.

Some of the victims of the Kakuzi accidents being consoled by friends and relatives at the Thika Level 5 Hospital.
Six people have died, five of them on the spot after a fatal crash last night between a lorry and two Nissan Matatus along the Kenol-Sagana Highway near Mlima Swara, Kakuzi area of Murang'a County.

According to Makuyu area OCPD Paul Wanjama, a truck ferrying logs from Kakuzi Limited lost control and hit one of the Nissan matatus that was heading towards Embu which was then hit from behind by another matatu, killing its driver and four others on the spot.

“The lorry driver lost control and collided with the two matatus both from Embu. Two of those who died were sitting on the front seats while the other three died from the impact of the crash,” said OCPD.

One of the matatu drivers is among the five people who died on the spot. The other four were women, one of whom was sitting on the front seats.

Eight of those who were injured were rushed to the Thika Level 5 Hospital where one of them later succumbed to his injuries.

Wanjama said the two matatus, one belonging to Ketno Sacco and the other to Emuki Sacco, were heading to Embu from Nairobi when the crash happened.

The wreckage has been towed by the police after the rescue operation to Makuyu Police Station. 
Speaking from his hospital bed, Anthony Muturi said that he along with colleagues were heading home to Makuyu at around 9:30pm when the accident occurred. He blamed the lorry for the accident saying that it suddenly swayed to their lane and smashed onto their matatu.

“I boarded this matatu in Kenol Town and upon reaching between Kakuzi Limited’s parking avocado centre and the KPLC’s sub-transformer station, a lorry swayed from its lane and hit our matatu head-on. Some of us were thrown out of the vehicle especially after a second matatu hit us from behind,” said Muturi.

John Mureithi and Francis Mburu were other victims in the accident. Mureithi sustained several fractures including a broken a broken arm and leg.

Thika Level 5 Hospital Deputy Medical Superintendent Dr. Joseph Waiganjo confirmed receiving eight casualties Thursday night. He added that one man succumbed to his injuries and is currently at the General Kago Funeral Home.

“We currently have two women and three men in our casualty ward. Two other men were treated and discharged but unfortunately one other man died while undergoing treatment,” said Dr. Waiganjo.

Dr. Waiganjo added that the five were all out of danger but had suffered multiple fractures.

Mlima Swara near Kakuzi farm, on the busy Nairobi-Nyeri highway is a notorious black spot where so many accidents occur.

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