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School responds to public outcry but tightlipped on action against ‘rogue’ driver.

The sign post outside the PCEA Elijah Kagiri Academy in Thika West Sub-County whose driver's conduct elicited some public outrage and concerns over the kids' safety. INSET: The bus that is said to be dangerously driven.
The administration of PCEA Elijah Kagiri Academy in Thika West Sub-County have declined to comprehensively respond to public outcry concerning the disciplinary action they have taken to the ‘reckless’ driver who was reported to have been dangerously ferrying their kids to and back from school.

Efforts by the Thika Town Today crew to get answers on how the school acted on public concerns of their kids’ safety and those of other road users were met with some lukewarm reception with the principal just saying that she could not respond to social media accusations.

“I cannot respond to those accusations as this is not the right forum for me to do so. I am not the right person to discuss this since we have a board of directors who run this institution. Otherwise, all I can say is that everything is under control and parents should not panic,” said the principal.

Another Facebook response by one Emanuel Nkotiko  read and I quote; - “To our very esteemed 
parents and stakeholders of PCEA Elijah kagiri academy. We have with a lot of concern received the unbecoming reckless driving concerns by one of our buses KCD. We want to sincerely apologize for this. We have already taken very strict and hard measures on the culprit. We assure u this WILL NEVER be repeated again! Further we assure u that the safety and wellbeing of the children is our priority. Thanks for your alerts and do not hesitate to talk to us. Director Elijah kagiri academy.”

The matter came to the public domain when one concerned resident posted of the behaviour of the driver on our Facebook sister platform….

He said… “Can the directors of Elijah Kagiri Academy please intervene? The driver of this bus is gambling with the life of innocent kids. I have witnessed a very ugly scene as he chases a Nissan matatu on the Gen Kago Rd and exited to the Garissa Rd. so so roughly. Do something before innocent, voiceless kids life is taken away. And btw the numbers u can report to about the driving are tampered with.

The post immediately ignited some public outburst with more and more people siting instances of the same driver endangering the lives of these innocent kids on various occasions in the sub-county.

Below are some top comments as retrieved from our platform….

Shiku David's – “Am a parent here av always complained abt this driver BT yeye hutetewa I rem my kids first yr akiwa baby class alikuwa anashida na mathukuruu kwa kichwa kugongwa huko ndani ya bus I had to funzaa him kujishikilia.

Joyce Muhuhu  - “A very rogue driver, my kids are in a different school but I also did complain to Mr Mucheru abt the bad driving habits their driver. By now this driver should be not be behind the wheels of any school bus!

David Chege -  “woiii thanx God others are seeing this...akiwa landless gatundu am telling you this driver drives at 100km per hour...na no road ya ndani he almost knocked some children walking on the side....when i see him Coming I pack on the side so that he can pass...he should go home...ama atafute kazi kwa kenya uwa thats where he belongs....

Daniel Wandegwa – “He is a very rogue driver he nearly hit my car near St Davids primary school Section 9. And he has no courtsey at all.

Shiku David's – “Action should be taken against him he has always been this way all along.

Josephine Grace Kairong'e – “I'm a witness too. He has not just started coz he's being like this all along. When I see the bus I give way harrraka.

Joseph Muthie – “The same vehicle is driving at very high speed in the morning along link road in landless where speed should be 20kph.

Geoffrey Muthee – “Case reported to school patron. Will update you on the soonest. My sincere apologies regrading this incidence.

Annie Kay Bishop – “Who can confirm if the said hard measures have been taken by the school. As someone said up there the driver hutetewa. This is completely unacceptable.
The dissent by the public caught the attention of the NTSA who promised to follow up the matter.

 National Transport and Safety Authority-Kenya – “Saida Muthee kindly advise the school administration to take the appropriate action and we will take the initiative to follow up.

This incident come just days after thirty-two schoolchildren, two teachers and the minibus driver died in Tanzania after their vehicle plunged into a roadside ravine in the northern tourist region of Arusha.

Two years ago, four pupils from Moi Primary school Thika died after a truck carrying sand hit the matatu they were traveling in from behind near Blue Post Hotel. 

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