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Female teacher at a Thika school to be arraigned in court for rapturing girl’s genitalia.

A teacher at Thika Memorial School has landed herself in murky waters after she allegedly shoved her fingers in one of her pupils’ private parts and severely injured the toddler’s genitalia.

According to preliminary reports, the teacher is reported to have taken the lower nursery pupil to one of the toilets and laid her on the floor before removing her panty and inserting fingers into the girl’s vagina and her anus.

It is said that when the teacher realised that she had raptured the girl’s hymen and was bleeding, she took out some tissue paper and wiped off the blood before dressing the girl again.   

Her grandmother, who is the one that lives with the child, explained that she learnt of the bizarre incident some days later while she was bathing her.

“The child had for two days complained of some pains on her private parts. That Saturday, I insisted to know from her what was wrong with her privates. Upon inspecting her, I observed some pus and she was not looking good,” said the child’s granny.

“She told me that it was Teacher Ruth who shoved some fingers into her privates.”
She immediately called the child’s dad and rushed the girl to Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital in Thika.

“When the doctor examined her, he told us that her hymen had been broken and that the injuries were serious. He then gave us some medicine and directed us to visit Thika Level 5 Hospital to fill in a P3 form.”

They then reported to the Thika Police Station who later referred them to Ndurumo Police Post since the school falls under Murang’a County. It is alleged that they later arrested the teacher for questioning.

She accused the school management of not being cooperative saying that the school principal declined to talk to her about the matter.

She is now calling on the authorities to ensure justice for the innocent kid prevailed and stern action be taken against the perpetrator of this heinous act.

Speaking separately to Thika Town Today, the principal Peterson Gichuki said the culprit was new in the school as she had assumed duty this term to stand in for another teacher who was away on sick leave.

Confirming the incident, Gatanga OCPD Beatrice Kiraguri said that suspect was already in their custody and investigations were still ongoing.

Kiraguri added that the suspect will be arraigned in court this week to answer to charges of child defilement and indecently assaulting the girl.

Thika Memorial Church School is an ACK sponsored school located along Thika-Gatanga Rd. in Gatanga Constituency, Murang’a County. 

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