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Two Donkeys Slaughtered In A Thicket As Perpetrators Poison Over Six Dogs

Some of the dogs that were poisoned by the perpetrators lie dead. INSET: One of the donkeys that was slaughtered. 
Residents of Kimathi village of Kiharu constituency in Murang’a County woke up in disbelieve as they found caucuses of two of their donkeys and a bull slaughtered inside a nearby thicket, and six of their dogs poisoned to death.

The donkeys and a bull are said to have been stolen from a nearby home before being slaughtered and meat carried away leaving the caucuses behind.

The perpetrators of the act are reported to have poisoned six dogs in the homestead leaving them dead so as to be able to execute their mission without the dogs barking.

Josphat Manyeki narrates how he heard the dogs bark but the barking stopped immediately, only for him to wake up to find lifeless bodies of his dogs.

Lucas Mwangi, a resident at Kimathi said that this is not the first time that donkeys and bulls are stolen from homesteads and slaughtered inside the Ithare thicket and their meat sold for consumption.

Another resident, Mwangi WA Jane who is a boda boda rider along the notorious Gakonya – Mukurweini road said it is unfortunate that the riders have been always asked to close their businesses early only for criminals to be left stealing livestock without anybody’s surveillance.

He points out the meat must have been sold to burcheries in the neighbouring Sagana and Kagio shopping centres in Kirinyaga County, and also in Murang’a and Makuyu towns.

The residents called on security officers in the area to be more vigilant.

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