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This Is Our Agenda For Kiambu County, Team Waititu Tell A Mammoth Rally In Thika.

Dr. James Nyoro addressing a mammoth crowd at Thika Starehe Grounds (Butuu) on Saturday where “United 4 Kiambu” team spelt their agenda for Kiambu County.
Just a week to the Jubilee Party Primaries, politicians allied to “United 4 Kiambu” hit the campaign trail in Thika Town Constituency to boost Ferdinand Waititu (Baba Yao)’s prospects of becoming the next governor of Kiambu County.

Franked by Rev. Dr. David K. Ngari (Gakuyo), Dr. James Nyoro and Aquiline Njoki, the politicians caravan rolled from Ngoliba, through the streets of Thika to Starehe grounds where they addressed a mammoth rally.

The four promised to build Kiambu County anew with their 5-point manifesto that touched among other things, poverty eradication, improved infrastructure, industrial revolution and better education for Kiambu residents.

They promised to do away with all bottlenecks that were introduced by the current government led by Governor William Kabogo which they said had stifled economic growth within the county.

“As the people of Kiambu County, there is no better persons to represent your interests and improve your living standards than this team led by Baba Yao. You have suffered for the last 4½ years under this regime. Statistics now show that about 300,000 in this county sleep hungry every day. Businesses are collapsing due to punitive by-laws initiated by this government, yet over KES 40 billion has been given to the county to improve your lives,” said Dr. Nyoro.

Dr. Nyoro made a passionate appeal to the people of Kiambu to nominate Baba Yao with a thumping majority and offer “United 4 Kiambu” an opportunity to transform Kiambu County. He said that within their first year in office, they would allocate KES 500 million and KES 1 billion to Gatuanyaga and Ndeiya respectively, in order to transform the two areas into the county’s food baskets through irrigation programmes.

“Gatuanyaga and Ndeiya are two very productive areas that can feed the county with food if the right agricultural investment is initiated. We will inject KES 500 million to Gatuanyaga and KES 1 billion to Ndeiya to help create a food basket for this county and the nation at large,” he said.

Waititu castigated Governor Kabogo for propagation of an extremely divisive and destructive politics which had certainly weakened the secular fabric of the county. He lashed out at Kabogo’s government handling of the JAMOFASTA rent dispute and the Madaraka Market conflict that saw the market go down in flames, saying that once elected, his government would relook into these issues to ensure that an amicable solution was reached.

“Kabogo doesn’t want to eradicate poverty, instead, he wants to get rid of the poor. Once I become the governor, I will withdraw all the pending court cases against JAMOFASTA tenants and sit down with you in order to come up with a permanent solution to your problems. We will also come up with a kitty to compensate all those traders who incurred great losses due to the fire that burned down their market,” said Baba Yao.


Gakuyo on his part lamented about the loss of business in Thika Town due to the unending traffic snarl-ups that had scared away potential investors and clients from coming to Thika. He said that their first mission would be to advocate for flyovers and opening up of bypasses that would free Garissa Road and other feeder roads that get in and out of the town.

“Thika has lost a lot of business because of these traffic jams. Our priority is to have a flyover at Castle and open up all these bypasses. It is sad that the Blue Post Bridge was built in 1930 and up to now only one vehicle can get through at any given time. No lorry can pass through that bridge from Murang’a even though it is the shortest route into Thika. This is not good for business and we will definitely work to rectify that once we assume office,” said Gakuyo.

Gakuyo added that as an investor, their government would enhance real estate development in the county by bringing down the cost of development and tone down the constrictions that had been introduced by the current regime.

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Concerning “United 4 Kiambu” leadership arrangement, Gakuyo said that the five leaders had agreed to come up with a power sharing pact that would see each region get proper representation in their government.

“We have agreed that Lower Kiambu that constitutes of Thika, Juja, Ruiru, Gatundu North and South will get six of the slots in our government structure with the other eight going to the upper region of Kiambu. In that way, every part of Kiambu will be well represented,” he said.

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