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I Am Your Best Bet For Township Ward, Says Joe Wetu.

Joe Wetu taking his supporters through his vision and mission for Township Ward during the official launch of his manifesto.
An MCA aspirant has told electorate that he was the most suitable candidate to liberate Thika Township Ward and Kiambu County in general with dynamic ideas that would tackle their representational, social, economic challenges.

Speaking during his official launch of his campaign manifesto at a Thika Hotel, Joseph Gachanja Minyaru (Joe Wetu) said that his leadership would focus on investing in ideas that would restore the town’s financial might through empowering traders in the informal sector and coming up with policy documents that would protect the business community in the region.

“If elected I will use my business experience and every lever available to get the best for Thika Township, to work to hold down levies, protect policing levels and defend people’s investments. I will fight to see our people access more county and national government’s SME Loans as I also seek options to promote SACCOs and business startups for our youth,” said Joe.

“My dream is to see a 24-hour economy in Thika. In this regard, I will partner with the security personnel to ensure that security was beefed up in every corner of the ward. I will ensure that I lit up every section of the ward in order to curb petty crime.”

Acknowledging that one of the basic responsibility of an MCA was representation, Joe said that he would ensure that the interests of Township Ward were well represented in the county assembly.

He promised to work out a comprehensive strategic plan that would come up with long-term solution to the infrastructural challenges on the road network, drainage, sanitation and sewerage within the ward.

Joe added that his candidature offered trust and inclusivity in an environment where every resident felt that they mattered.

“We must erase the creeping belief that you must lie to get anything and that politics is about lying and stealing. I aspire to make Thika politics decent. Decent politics means the integrity of leaders. 
Mine is a covenant with Township Ward residents,” said the aspirant.

In health, the aspirant pledged to ensure the ward got its own health dispensary as he instituted a frequent free medical camps to check on common ailments that bedeviled the less endowed in the community.

Joe also promised to improve educational standards through provision of bursaries and scholarship programmes to needy students, youth mentorship programmes as well as working with Wabeni Polytechnic management to boost relevant courses for the job market.

Joe is a Taxi operator in the town and also ventures in the transportation business. He is currently the coordinator of the Thika Taxi Association.

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