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Gatuanyaga Residents Warned Against Illegal Power Connections.

Energy CS Charles Keter share a light moment with Mama Ruth from Gatuaganya after her house was connected to electricity thanks to the last mile project. 
The government will not sit down and watch citizens endanger their lives through illegal electricity connections, energy cabinet secretary Charles Keter has warned.

Keter observed that illegal connections instigated frequent power blackouts thereby incapacitating business operations in most parts of the country.

Speaking to Gatuanyaga residents in Thika on Tuesday evening after illuminating four homesteads connected under last mile project, the CS said apart from power blackouts, illegal connections posed a real danger to so many people in the country.

Keter noted that he had information to the effect that Gatuanyaga was among the most notorious area of in the region with most illegal power connections wondering why one would endanger their lives even after the government's efforts to subsidise the cost of electricity installation to an affordable price.

He therefore ordered Kenya Power and Lighting Company to conduct immediate crackdowns and disconnect unlawful connections.

"I am directing Kenya Power to crack the whip and disconnect all illegally connected Kenyans. If one wants to be connected to electricity, they must follow the right procedure. Go to Kenya Power, pay and get connected otherwise we won’t allow these shortcuts that lead to recurrent blackouts, endangering of lives and incapacitate of business operations,’ he warned.

He promised to installation more transformers within Thika Town Constituency so as to widen the net to those connected to the national grid.

He however warned politicians against using government projects for political gains.

"Those in opposition should keep off Jubilee agenda of transforming Kenya. Claiming that we are connecting electricity to shanties is foolish as not all Kenyans are well endowed. If they really mean well for Kenyans, why don't they build them permanent houses and then connect them to the grid? Kenyans are grappling with basic issues like school fees and food and need to enjoy electricity as well,’ said Keter.

The CS revealed that distribution of laptops in some schools was delayed as some schools had not been connected to electricity. He however said that distribution was ongoing countrywide as most schools had been connected before March. 

Munyu and Kiganjo Primary Schools benefitted from the government project when they got connected to electricity with intent to facilitate the digital literacy programme. 

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