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New Lease Of Life For Juliet And Family As Bidco Offers Scholarship And Job For Mom.

Bidco CEO Vimal Shah pose for a group photo with Juliet Akinyi (extreme left),the mother Joyce Kadima Achieng and younger sister  Beryl Auma, after presenting them with scholarship to school.

Thika based Bidco Africa Ltd has put a smile on the brilliant student from Kiandutu, Juliet Akinyi's face, with a comprehensive scholarship scheme to pursue her pharmacy course at the University of Nairobi and further offered to see her sister Beryl Auma, go through secondary school without worrying about school fees. Apart from taking care of all financial obligations of the two sisters, the scholarship would capture the general upkeep of the students during the period of their study.

That notwithstanding, the company has offered to employ their mother, Joyce Kadima Achieng, in the company so as to assist her manage other family needs.

Speaking during the occasion, Bidco CEO Vimal Shah said the scholarship was to serve as lifeline for them to become whatever they wanted to be in future, the poverty level of their parents notwithstanding.

“A few days ago, we learnt about a young girl from Thika who was among the 141 students who managed to score straight As in the recently announced 2016 KCSE results and we were touched by her story. What drove our resolve to chip in was that, despite all her tribulations, she had managed to excel. We just felt that we had to help her achieve her dreams,” said Vimal.

Vimal noted that after talking with the family, they decided to also include the younger sister into their scholarship and help her join secondary school.

“The mother has been struggling so much to see these kids through school. We have therefore offered her a job in the company so that she can be able to take care of the other needs of the family. We want to make a difference in their life. We want the two girls to be a role model and to be emulated by other kids in their condition,” he added.

The mother was short of words and could only express her gratitude to the Bidco management and all those who played part in highlighting their plight.

“I really don’t know what to say but I am extremely happy by the kind of gesture Bidco has shown us. I thank God for everyone who took part in assisting us in one way or another,” said the mother.

“There were times I questioned God and asked Him why he had to give me children and deny me the ability to raise them well and provide whatever they needed. But I can attest that He is Almighty and an able God. I will just tell others who are facing the same tribulations that God doesn’t forsake His people and if you truly believe in Him, He will actually prove your doubters wrong,” added Kadima.

Juliet’s message to her fellow students who were going through the same challenges was; “Hard work pays. You should never focus your attention on the challenges you are going through. Trust in God and He will definitely send an Angel to guide you through.”

Beryl, who is now sure of joining Mugoiri Girls High School in Murang’a County, promised to work hard and emulate her sister in attaining straight As. She hopes to be a journalist in future and vowed never to let her parents and Bidco down.

18 years old Juliet came to the public limelight when the media highlighted her story after, despite all odds, managing to claim her spot in Matiangi’s exclusive club of 141.

Born of a humble family setting, her parents could barely afford daily food leave alone school fees. Always in and out of school for school fees, Akinyi still kept her head high in the hope that one day she would rescue her parents from the pangs of poverty. It served as a motivation. Having shopping items at school was a luxury.

Besides the synonymous challenges her teachers were so close to her. At one point they noted she used to collect soap remains from the school to wash her clothes. They helped buy soap and other items. They tried a lot to shape her.

First term in Form 1 she managed position 95 out of 268. A serious talk from her mother and she progressively made it to top 10. She ranged between positions 2 and 9. She was index number 006 and ranked position 2 in 2016 post-mock exams.

Personal discipline was also key to her success. Having come from a slum area notorious for all sorts of criminal activities, few of her neighbours know her. She spends her time indoors reading whatever she comes across.

Despite a big chunk of her fees being paid for with assistance from the child support Department-Thika who paid Sh. 30,000 annually and KENWA who gave total support of sh. 34,000, she still has school fees balance of sh. 35,000.

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On her part, Beryl sat KCPE 2016 at General Kago Primary school and obtained 372 marks out of the possible 500. The third born child had initially been admitted to Chania Girls but her former sister’s school Mugoiri Girls High School has opted to take her.

The family is made up of 5 daughters and one last born son. Juliet is the second born. Her first born sister could not proceed past class 8 after scoring 227 marks. She now lives in Kariadudu Slums in Kariobangi since July 2016. No one knows what she does there for a living.

Thika Town Today can never fail to make a special mention of one Ndungu Nyoro who has gone out of his way to raise funds for the family through online contributions that have now reached sh. 350,000. He plans to sit down with the family discuss how they would want to be supported with the funds.

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