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Nairobi Politics Spill Over To Murang’a As Gatanga Residents Defend PK’s Entry Into The City’s Gubernatorial Race.

Kigumo MP Jamleck Kamau Addressing Gatanga residents in Gatura during a voter registration mobilisation roadshow on Sunday.

RESIDENTS of Gatanga constituency, home to Nairobi’s gubernatorial aspirant Peter Kenneth (PK) have expressed their fury in the manner in which their son has been subjected to some bashing by a section of Nairobi leaders who had singled out on him as an outsider.

The residents said that, just like any other Nairobi resident, PK had a right to seek for any elective position in the capital city, without eliciting emotions and bashing as propagated by Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko who even claimed that Kenneth had tried to bribe him out of contention with Sh.1 billion.

Speaking during a voter mobilisation road show that was organised by Kigumo MP Jamleck Kamau who is also a gubernatorial aspirant for Murang’a County, the residents defended Kenneth’s interest and ambition for Nairobi governor position.

Hon. Jamleck felt that it is dehumanising to have leaders come together to hit out at Peter Kenneth for exercising his democratic right.

“It is wrong for a section of our leaders to gang up and bash our son for expressing his intention to vie for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat. PK has all the rights to vie for any political office in Nairobi or any other place in this republic. We cannot have a few people assume that they are more entitled to Nairobi politics than the rest of Kenyans. In fact PK was born and has lived in Nairobi for all his life,” said Jamleck.

Jamleck added that PK’s intent to run for in Nairobi was his personal decision and had not been pushed by anyone.

“Peter Kenneth is a very ambitious leader who led Gatanga constituency residents without corruption. He is definitely very suited to run the affairs of the capital county to very great heights. We the people of Gatanga are proud of his achievements and are very much behind him in his bid,” said Francis Njenga, a resident of Gatunyu Village in Gatanga.

Similar sentiments were expressed by Jane Wanjiru who went ahead to castigate Senator Mike Sonko for taking it head on with Peter Kenneth.  She said that Gatanga residents believed that Kenneth was God sent to Nairobi residents and he should not be pointed at.

Last week, Mike Sonko was at Kiriaini town in Mathioya constituency during a voter mobilisation rally, where he together with fellow aspirants for gubernatorial position Dennis Waweru, Johnson Sakaja and Senate majority leader Kindiki Kithure, bashed at Peter Kenneth’s ambition for the position terming him as one who has always fought President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The Kigumo MP appealed to the residents to register in great numbers as voters in order to be in apposition to participate in the country’s decision making.

“Let me tell you my fellow residents of this great county, the moment you fails to vote, you indirectly vote in the leaders you don’t want. Wrong leaders are usually voted into office by those who fail to exercise this democratic right,” said the MP.

During the roadshow, many registered as voters and were called upon to inform others who might not have received the information.

The roadshow is aimed at ensuring as many people as possible in Murang’a County are registered as voters. This caravan will traverse all corners of the County to ensure they met the targeted 227,000 unregistered persons.

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