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Kikuyu Council Of Elders Warn S.K. Macharia To Apologise Or Else………

The Thika Sub-County Kikuyu Elders during their meeting in Kiratina, Gatuanyaga.

The Thika Sub-County Kikuyu Council of Elders have given Royal Media Chairperson S.K. Macharia a 7-day ultimatum to apologise to the Agikuyu Community for his ‘reckless’ outbursts over the 2007 General Elections results or else they will match to his Gatanga home and curse him to the God of Agikuyu.

The elders termed Macharia’s sentiments as inflammatory and ill-timed as they could plunge the country into chaos just as it happened in the year 2007-8.

Speaking at Kiratina in Gatuanyaga to about 500 elders, representing the 13 clusters of the Agikuyu Elders in Thika, Njoroge Wa Karatu who is the Central Region Chairman of the “Ndundu Ya Athuri” (Council of Elders) and the National Chairperson of Kikuyu Elders Welfare Association (KEWA) said that what the Royal Media boss did was to unbandage old wounds without even laying down any evidence to support his argument.

“What our brother has done is very irresponsible and not expected of a Kikuyu elder of his stature. He is opening old wounds at a time when the country is approaching the General Elections and going by the history of our elections, his sentiments are likely to ignite ethnic tension in the country. He is now putting the lives of the millions of the Agikuyu Community living in different parts of this country at the risk of being attacked by those who will believe that the elections were rigged,” said Karatu.

The elders accused Macharia of being CORD leader Raila Odinga’s mouthpiece adding that he was actually acting under the instruction of the opposition leader.

“Macharia is being used by Raila to cause chaos as it has become apparent that the CORD leader will lose these elections. Just as they did it in 2007 when they tried to have a parallel tallying system, they are now doing the same in order to disrupt the polls in the hope of a nusu-mkate government,” added Karatu.

“What is Macharia’s interests in these elections that he has to invest on a sh.15 billion parallel system to rival the IEBC? He has fed on our advertisement money and has now started abusing the hand that feeds him. We are warning him that as business people in the Central Region, we may divert our advertisement to other media houses and see how far his new darling will take his business,” retorted another elder who did not want to be identified.

The elders too chided a vast majority of the Central Kenya legislators whom they accused of not defending President Uhuru Kenyatta whenever he was attacked by their opposition counterparts. They warned them that the community was watching and with time, they would make their decision on who will fit in the 2017 army to steer this country forward.

This week, SK Macharia revived a 10-year dispute that plunged the country into chaos when he told the Senate’s Legal Affairs committee that former Prime Minister Raila Odinga won the 2007 presidential election. Although he did not substantiate his preposterous allegations during his submission on the contentious Election (Amendment) Bill, Mr. Macharia claimed to have evidence to back his claims that Raila won the 2007 duel.

The businessman claimed that his media house conducted a parallel tallying of votes from all polling stations in the country, where statistics showed that Raila emerged the victor.

“The one who was declared the winner in 2007 was not the winner. We tracked all the results through satellite phones and as per my records, Raila won the elections,” Macharia told the senators when he gave a historical perspective of why elections in Kenya are disputed.

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