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Thika MP Heckled Infront Of President Uhuru

A section of the youth who shouted down Thika MP as she tried to address the people outside KVM during President Uhuru's visit to Thika.
Thika Member of Parliament Ms Alice Ng’ang’a today faced hostility in front of President Uhuru Kenyatta after residents and supporters of her rival opponents heckled her restricting her from addressing the crowd that had gathered to listen to the President.

The hecklers who chanted names of the two Parliamentary seat aspirants said that they want change in Thika adding that they have not experienced any development in the area for the past three years Ng’ang’a has been in office.

“We need change in Thika. We support the President’s re-election but we cannot vote blindly again. We need developments in Thika not ego and chest thumbing leadership. We want someone who can listen to us,” they said.

Police were forced to intervene and contain the chaos that erupted after the supporters of the two aspirants and the incumbent MP clashed before the President addressed the public.

Meanwhile President Uhuru Kenyatta has said that the only agenda the opposition has is propaganda and insults and that they have nothing new to offer to Kenyans citing the yesterday’s incident where Mbita MP Millie Odhiambo insulted him at parliament buildings.

Kenyatta, who had arrived to launch the first Volkswagen Vivo in the Kenya Vehicle Manufacturing company based in Thika, said that he will not be bowed by the noises made by the opposition adding that he will continue working for Kenyans until the next general elections.

“These people have only one thing in mind, insults and propaganda. They cannot help Kenya in anyway. I will keep initiating developments in Kenya let them make noises am not bowed by them,” President Kenyatta stated.

He has faulted those spreading propaganda that Jubilee have plans to push the general elections ahead saying that Kenya must hold its general elections in 2017 as constituted insisting that there must be free, fair and transparent elections.

“Everyone expects that next year we will have an election and it has to happen. We have put measures in place to ensure there is peace in Kenya before, during and after the elections so let no one threaten us that he will fight or cause chaos. Let them try,” Kenyatta warned.

President Kenyatta has told Kenyans that there will be no violence in the next general elections calling upon the leaders to maintain peace.

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