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Inmates Receive A Rare Kind of Christmas Treat.

Mr& Miss Thika Prisons 2016/17 inmates Mwaura (with red coat) and Amoit (holding a bouquet of flowers) pose for a group photo with the organizers and fellow models after being crowned the winners.

International Professional Counselors Centre, Bidco Oil refineries,Society Stores,Africana College,Munene Industries,Lil Magic Events,Vintage Modelling Agency, Pork City kwa Stella, New Links Supply together with well wishers drawn from different institutions and communities within Thika on Thursday 23rd December 2016 donated Christmas goodies to Thika GK Main Prison during the annual exercise dubbed #KrisiNaWafungwa.

Led by Madam Susan Gitau who is the Director Africana College of Counselling Thika pledged to work in partnership with the prison's authorities to ensure that the both the inmates and the wardens lived in a conducive environment and that those freed on amnesty due to the petty offences they have committed are properly integrated within the community.

"My plea to both the state and the Thika community is to join hands together and help out in making this prison a world class facility," using Rwanda as an example where though inmates have been taken in for various offences they are usually given a chance to start a new life after they are freed and those serving sentences are engaged in various trades as part of the reform agenda

She further retaliated her commitment to continue offering counseling services to both the inmates and the wardens. Noting that most of the crimes these inmates commit were out some psychological problem that no one was ready to help. "Both the wardens and the prisoners under go through so many difficult challenges and there is always a need to have a shoulder to lean on as they pour out their frustrations." added Susan

Addresing the media at the sielines of the event the officer in Charge of Thika Main Prison Mr. S.M Kunzu. Expressed his gratitude towards the organizers of #KrisiNaWafungwa initiative terming it as the best Christmas gift to more that 800 inmates in the facility. 

He called upon the business community and leadership in Thika to make an initiative to ensure the freed inmates are well taken care of by offering job placements to prevent them from re engaging in crime and as a indicating that they have reformed.

"As the Officer In Charge of this facility we are humbled by the noble gesture that Susan and her friends have shown, this should be an annual event, the inmates who will be freed here today on special amnesty are those convicted of petty offenses and haven't been able to raise the money for bond, I therefore call upon the business fraternity and entire Thika society to embrace them as their own after the reintegrate in the society, said Mr Kunzu.

Thika Prison was built in 1954 the facility was meant to hold close to 200 hundred  inmates however just like other facilities across Kenya it is now home to close to 800 inmates.

Mr & Miss Thika Prisons Joseph Mwaura & Gloria Amoit.
Apart from receiving the Xmas donations the inmates had a rare chance of showcasing their talents through modelling and dancing where the Mr and Miss Thika Prison title given to Mr Joseph Mwaura and Miss Gloria Amoit.

Also present during the event were MCA's Hon Florence " Flozie" Ngele, Hon. Mwangi Wa Mwangi of Hospital Ward Mca among other local leaders.

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