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Will Desert CORD We If Kalonzo Is Not Named Its Flag Bearer, Kiambu Kamba Caucus Warn.

 The interim chairperson of the Kiambu Caucus Pastor Onesmus Mweu addressing the members of the Kamba Community at Kenyatta Primary School ground in Thika.

The Kamba community in Thika West Constituency have vowed to ditch CORD if at all Wiper Party leader Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka will not be the coalition flag bearer come 2017 to faceoff with Jubilee’s Uhuru Kenyatta.

Speaking at Kenyatta Primary School’s ground in Makongeni Estate Thika, speaker after speaker said that they had been taken for granted for quite a very long time and it was now time that they too dictated term of engagement with other communities.

“Our primary goal is to unite the Akamba people in Thika Constituency and Kiambu County so that we speak in one voice and increase our bargaining power as a community especially during this electioneering period. We are going to work only with those leaders who will acknowledge our existence and are ready to accommodate us in their leadership programmes,” said Pastor Onesmus Mweu, the interim chairperson of the group.

Pastor Mweu said that that once they succeeded to unite the Kamba people living within Kiambu County, they would embark on a mission to unite their kinsmen all over the country and start moving and speaking in one voice. He added that as a community, they were no longer ready to play second fiddle to any other community and it was time other leaders endorsed their candidate (Kalonzo) for the leadership of this country.

“Let me be very categorical here. If Kalonzo will not be NASA’s (National Super Alliance) flagbearer, we will advise him to seek other options elsewhere,” he said.

Apostle Francis Kilango, another Kamba leader in Thika warned their Kamba leaders that if at all they will be duped into another agreement that will not guarantee a Kalonzo presidency, the Akamba people will leave Kalonzo to fight it alone without their support.

“All I know is that a Raila (Odinga’s) candidature is doomed to fail just as in all his previous attempts. If they decide to ignore our call for Kalonzo’s candidature, we are going to leave him (Kalonzo) there alone,” said Kilango.

Kilango also warned that the Kamba community will be very harsh on any of the area leaders who disrespected Kalonzo or Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama especially during this electioneering period as the two were the de facto Kamba leaders and therefore needed due respect.

“As the Kamba Community in this region, we will not vote for any leaders who will insult or disrespect our Wiper leaders in public podiums. They deserve all the respect,” he said.

Otherwise, Briton Kimeu, a 2017 Kamenu Ward aspirant was appointed the area Kamba community spokesperson who would negotiate with Kiambu leaders on matters of concern.

“We have appointed Briton Kimeu as our spokesman in Kiambu County. Any leader who wishes to speak to the Akamba people in this region must pass through him,” said Pastor Mweu.

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