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The Youth Dangerously Exposing Themselves In ‘Treatment’ After Unprotected Sex.

Kiambu Aids Control Council Coordinator Josephat Maina has revealed that the use of Post Exposure Prophylaxis amongst the adolescents and young people after having unprotected sex is posing a major challenge to medics.

He admitted that the rate at which children in the 10-24 year age bracket were engaging in unprotected sex was very alarming, a situation that was worsened by the fact that they were accessing post exposure treatment at the various drops off points for HIV/AIDS drugs and condoms.

“Once the youth develops a habit of using the ARVs after every exposure, the bodies become accustomed to the treatment and if they unfortunately contract the virus it becomes impossible to deal with the viral load thus making the carrier a time bomb and a threat to the healthy youngsters as they fail to respond to any form of treatment,” lamented the coordinator.

The proliferation of weekend sex parties in institutions of higher learning and secluded homesteads around the urban centers required concerted efforts by all stakeholders, he said, otherwise these overly sexually generation might end up decimating themselves.

He appealed to parents to very vigilant during the December holidays adding that most of the new HIV/AIDS infections amongst the youth occurred during such periods.

According to a survey carried out recently, the high number of institutions of higher learning within Thika, Juja and Ruiru Towns contributed to the alarming spread of the virus in Kiambu County. It has been established that the preference of HIV/AIDS within Thika and its environs has continued to escalate for the last 5 years.

Entertainment joints within the for mentioned urban centers overflow with college going students almost on a daily basis with some of the college girls turning into commercial sex workers and strippers to benefit from the robust cash that is circulating within the said towns.

Maina concluded by calling on religious organizations and NGOs dealing with youth to engage them on morality and positive values of life.

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