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KCSE Candidate Dies Of Heart Attack

The late Roseliz Wanjiku Mwangi during her hey days.
GRIEF has engulfed Gitweku village after a KCSE candidate died a sudden death.

Roseliz Wanjiku Mwangi was a candidate at Karingu Secondary School in Kiharu constituency, where she was undergoing with her KCSE papers before her demise.

We visited the day secondary school in the afternoon after the candidates had finished their Business studies paper two, only to find an empty desk where Roseline used to write her exams from.

Her colleagues could only stare at an empty desk with Roseliz’s index number 10238105015 mounted on the desk.
No doubt that the girl who was the best in English had gone forever, after successfully sitting for 15 test papers and only remaining with five unfinished ones.

Invigilators who sort anonymity told the media that the students had a difficult time while sitting for Physics paper two and CRE paper two examinations, for it was such a time they received the bad news of Wanjiku’s demise.

They said that some could cover their faces during the exam and cry out for the pain of losing a dear one.
At Wanjiku’s home in Gitweku village, it was calm and quiet. Her parents with close family members sat outside her house chatting.

Her father Michael Mwangi had little to say and watched her daughter’s pictures with a lot of fond memories in his mind.

Mwangi says he will remember his daughter as an obedient girl who was fun to be with. He said he received the sad demise of his daughter while at work and narrated how he lost strength to comprehend issues including which morgue to lay his daughter’s body.

Wanjiku’s mother Regina Mueni Mwangi had tears roll down her cheeks as she remembered her dear daughter’s last moments with her.

Mueni said she is deep shock for the daughter was well and looked healthy, until she developed a lamp on the leg that looked like a normal swelling.

The mother explains that it is after Wanjiku started limping that she decided to go to Murang’a level four hospital where she was treated and discharged, but she was advised that she needed to have the lamp tied up to help circulation of the blood in her body.

According to Mueni, her daughter took a motorbike and headed home only for her to alight and to tell the bike man that she was feeling unwell after which she collapsed immediately.

The motorist immediately called out for Wanjiku’s mother who tried to call out to her daughter’s name in vain.
They rushed her to Kimkan hospital in Murang’a where she was pronounced dead on arrival.
Wanjiku’s mother is a bitter woman for she feels that whoever the doctor who tied a piece of cloth on Wanjiku’s leg, is to blame for her daughter’s death since doctor’s have power to admit and discharge.

“At Kimkan hospital, I was told that she died because the blood was not circulating properly in the body due to the knot tied alongside the blood clot in her leg.” She retorted.

A source from the hospital said that Wanjiku died of deep vein thrombosis that emanated from a blood clot in her leg that made it difficult for blood circulation in the body.

Mueni also condemns the manner in which the message about her daughter’s demise was dispatched to her, saying it sent a chilling pain down her spine. She urges nurses and doctors to be mindful of the agony one goes through for losing a loved one.

“They just told us at once that this one has already died! It was such a big shock on me.” She said.
It was the end of the road for 18-year-old Roseliz Wanjiku Mwangi, a KSCE candidate who aspired to become a lecturer but her dreams were shuttered by the cruel hand of death.

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