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Man Accused Of Sodomising 19 Boys Arraigned In A Murang’a Court.

The 38-year-old man accused of sodomising nine minors in Igikiro Village has been arraigned in a Murang’a Court.

Enoch Mwangi from Igikiro village in Maragua, was charged that on diverse dates, he had anal penetration with a minor and knowingly infected the 14-year-old boy with HIV virus.

Appearing before Kigumo Senior Resident Magistrate Agnes Mwangi on Monday, Enoch denied the two charges claiming to be in a relationship with the boy’s mother and he was HIV –ve.

He was released on a Sh. 400,000 bond and a surety of similar amount. His case will be mentioned on the 3rd of October 2016 and a hearing set for the 21st of December 2016.

However, only one case out of the eight alleged victims was presented.

Mwangi was arrested on Sunday after locals raised an alarm following the confession of one of the victims. 

He was accused of coercing the children to his house in Igikiro Village, Kamahuha Location of Makuyu Sub-County before sexually assaulting them.

“In a day that I cannot exactly remember, Mwangi met us as we were going to fetch some firewood and gave me sh. 50. Later in the day, he called me to his house and demanded his money back. I told him that I had lost it. He gave me another sh. 25 to go and buy some petroleum jelly. Upon return to his house, he forced my panties down, smeared the jelly onto my behind and sexually penetrated me. He later warned me that if I ever told anyone about what had happened, he would slice me into pieces with his panga,” narrated one of the victims.

The boy’s mother could not come to terms with the fact that her son had been infected with the HIV Virus. She said that she feared for other children, not only hers, but also from the entire village if at all this man was not confined to prison as they may end up suffering the same fate in his hands.

The doctors have already done a HIV test to all the members of her family and ascertained that, apart from the rape victim, the rest tested negative of the virus.

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