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Gathoni Wa Muchomba Plunges Into Kiambu Politics, Joins ‘Team Waititu’.

Renowned radio and TV presenter Gathoni Wa Muchomba Roberts has declared her interest in vying for the Kiambu Women representative seat come 2017.

Gathoni’s interest is likely to create a political storm with other politicians who have shown interest in the seat among them incumbent Anne Nyokabi Gathecha, who is aiming to retain the seat in next year’s election, Kiambu TNA coordinator Gladys Chania Mwangi, June Koinange, Dr. Kirika among others.

Accompanied by Thika Town MP Alice Wambui Ng’ang’a during the disbursement of cheques to needy students, Gathoni told the residents that she was ready to take over the region’s leadership.

“I am extremely excited to offer myself to you. I plan to dedicate the last episode of the programme ‘Muiguithania’ with a story about myself and why I left Gituamba Village, Komothai in Githunguri to settle in Makuyu, Murang’a County and her passion to assist those people living in abject poverty,” said Gathoni.

She narrated how their family suffered in the hands of auctioneers, something that nearly cut short her studies. It is for this reason, she said, that her heart bleeds to see a kid sent home for fees.

“The reason why some of us are now venturing into politics is to go and ask the hard questions. To ask those hard queries that people avoid because you will brush some people in high offices the wrong way. I managed to complete my secondary education by the grace of God and out of the mercy of the then Principal of St. Anne’s Secondary School’s Sister Regina Marie. That is why I am very passionate about assisting the meek in our midst,” she said.

She said that if given a chance, she would partner with other like-minded legislators to make Kiambu the dream county we have all been dreaming of.

She singled out standing with children born with intersexual deformity (hermaphrodites) who she claimed were going through a very hard time as no one was thinking about their plight.

“These children are regarded as a curse. I now have 139 such cases that I am assisting for them to access essential services that recognise their complexity in gender related issues. Currently, they cannot acquire ID cards, majority of them have issues with their exam certificates and NHIF benefits. I need to go to that Parliament so as to help legislate a law that will recognise their identity,” said Gathoni.

She said that it was so sad that our constitution had left out these group of people, leaving them to suffer the fate of not qualifying to be in any of the recognised gender.

She was happy about the resolution by Jubilee Party to have their primaries conducted by the IEBC as this was one way to guarantee every candidate a fair process. She said that this would curb nomination irregularities that are characterised by wealthy politicians buying their way to being party bearers.

She castigated all those who were fond of stigmatising women politicians adding that this was not a disability.
She said that she was now joining the ‘winning team’ that will swoop over all the seats in Kiambu County.

“Because I am her (Alice) baby in politics, I am now asking her for guidance as I make these baby steps, just as she did when she was my head-girl, back in secondary school,” she said.

Supporting Gathoni’s sentiments, Thika Town MP Alice Ng’ang’a said that the former had made the right choice in joining the winning team.

“You tell the character of a person by the people they associate with. She (Gathoni) is expressing her character by associating with people with a winning mentality. In the race to the Kiambu gubernatorial race, we are all behind Waititu. Come next year, this will be the team to beat. The people are tired of exorbitant fees levied by the county government, they are tired of being taken advantage of by their leaders and being bought with their own money. When these people offer you that money, eat! That is your money and you need not feel the pinch enjoying it. After, you consume that money, throw them out during the party nominations and vote in those with your welfare at heart,” said Alice.

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