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At Last, A “Men’s Fund” Is Underway To Rescue The Forgotten Kenyan Man.

Juja MP Francis Munyua Waititu, popularly known as Wakapee, has said that the National Assembly has passed a law to introduce a ‘Men’s Fund’ to cater for men.

“I know men have been crying for any form of assistance for ages with no one to hear them out. Men have always been left out of subsidies from the government as the women and youth benefitted. This has put majority of our men in a disadvantaged position for naturally a man is not allowed to beg even if he is dying of hunger. As Members of Parliament we saw this gap and passed a fund that will now be catering for our men,” said Wakapee.

The MP revealed this in Juja during a meeting that had brought together all the religious leaders in the constituency to discuss the challenges of the people of Juja and also introduce them to their new administration after Juja recently was upgraded into district status.

Through his cooperation with the clergy, the MP said that his CDF office had dispersed sh. 69 million in bursaries for the last three years. He said that his priority for this term was to improve security, education and energy in Juja. He was happy that at present, all Juja public schools had been connected to the national grid.

“We are very happy that the President has given each of the 290 constituencies 5 high voltage transformers to increase connectivity into the national grid and I have taken my duty to ensure that our constituency has taken full advantage of this provision.”

On infrastructure, Wakapee said that for the first time in Juja’s history, the area has benefitted heavily in tarmacked roads under the national government’s annuity programme. The town has also benefitted from a sh. 4 billion sewerage system.

“Plans to construct the Juja and Thika flyovers are complete and it will be a matter of time before the problem of traffic jams become a thing of the past. Our petition to have 10 more footbridges along the superhighway between Ruiru River and Thika flyover has been approved by parliament. Their completion will help curb road accidents involving pedestrians,” he said.

He pointed out that there were three categories of bursaries that people needed to take advantage of, namely the presidential bursary that was under the deputy county commissioners (formerly DCs), the CDF bursary under the MP and the county government bursary. He therefore asked residents to utilise all these kitties to ensure all kids were in school.

So far, the elderly in Juja had benefitted from sh. 30 million in under the Older Persons Cash Transfer Programme, Persons Living With Severe Disability have gotten sh. 5 million, orphans (10m), Uwezo Fund (10m) Women Enterprise Fund (5m) and Youth Fund (4m).

In national politics, the legislator dismissed as childish the current faceoff between Jubilee and CORD legislators that has already resulted to ODM supporters burning a vehicle belonging to an innocent businessman in Mathare Constituency in Nairobi.

Wakapee said that the ugly incident that saw the two sides hold two parallel rallies at the same area was just very unfortunate as it failed to distinguish, who between them was the fool.

“What I saw was just very shameful. If the CORD side has said that they will hold a rally at Mathare and then their opponents in the Jubilee side say the same, isn’t that a recipe for chaos? And mind you, when violence erupts, these same legislators dash into their cars and leave the wananchi to be clobbered by the police. Why don’t you schedule your meetings on different dates? When you act like the fool you yourself is castigating, how will the people differentiate you?” posed Wakapee.

Otherwise, he called on the president to discipline Inspector General Joseph Kipchirchir Boinet and the Director of Criminal Investigations Ndegwa Muhoro for not ever taking action against those responsible for destruction of property whenever CORD rallies resulted in chaos.

He said that ODM and Jubilee had agreed to hold their party primaries on the same day, a day proposed by Parliament to be a Public Holiday. He added that there was no possibility for anyone to party-hop and therefore politicians should chose the political vehicles for the next General Elections early enough.

“There will be no party hopping after the nominations. Otherwise, during the General Elections, a voter can vote for a Jubilee President, an ODM MP or a Wiper MCA.”

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