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Trouble Is Brewing In KCPA As Candidate’s Name Is Erroneously Removed From List.

Trouble is brewing at the Kenya Counselling and Physiological Association (KCPA) after a section of their Kiambu chapter erroneously removed Susan Wambui Gitau from its list of nominees to the chairmanship contest.

The action led to some professional counsellors from Kiambu County to protest the manner in which she was removed from the list of contestants.

The Nazarene University lecturer was until the night of 13th August 2016, one of the duly paid up candidates for the chairperson’s position during the forthcoming countrywide elections for County officials of KCPA scheduled for the 27th and 28th of this month.

During a meeting held at Africana College of Professionals on Monday, the distraught counsellors accused KCPA national chairman James Kimani Githongo of interfering with the Kiambu branch internal affairs by deleting Gitau’s name from the list of candidates thereby leaving Daniel Kimata as the sole candidate for the County chairperson against the will of the counsellors.

They demanded to know the criteria used by the governing board to suspend Gitau via mail and whether due process was followed as per the association’s constitution. They wanted the board to furnish members with details of the grounds of suspension or the proceedings of the meeting that arrived to the decision.
The original list of nominees before the ouster of Susan Gitau

They argued that the intolerance manifested by the board brought to question its reputation thereby threatening the basic principles of natural justice and the very fundamental fabric of their organisation.

According to one of the counsellors Johnson Kinyanjui, the differences between Gitau and Githongo arose from the Garissa massacre counselling assignment which was done by KCPA in collaboration with the Red Cross where counsellors who offered counselling to family members were not paid despite good facilitation.
Kinyanjui pointed out that due to her impressive national and international profile as well as her transparency in tackling issues in both personal and organisational domains, Gitau is viewed suspiciously by members of the board associated with Githongo.

The counsellors cited politicisation of the professional body as one of the main problems affecting its operations and called for an overhaul in its leadership. They said that the suspension of Gitau who is also the Director of International Professional and Counseling Centre (IPCC) from the board was irregular and wanting, simply because she refused to act as a flower girl.

Gitau has been at loggerheads with Githongo since May 2015 when she
The amended list following the removal of Gitau's name.
was unceremoniously suspended as an elected board member and chairperson of the Standards, Ethics and Accreditation chairperson in the national office. 

Speaking via the phone from Kigali Rwanda where she is heading a delegation of security officers who are visiting the country to learn of trauma experiences from the Rwanda genocide, Gitau said she has the support of the county board including the incumbent chairperson Jennifer Mwangi. She said of most concern is that the electoral committee formed by KCPA has not been introduced to members officially in line with the associations constitution.

Efforts to reach Githongo were unsuccessful as his phone went an answered.

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