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Stay Focused, Develop The Resilience Of Portugal If You Want To Succeed In Life, MKU Chairman.

The ability to adapt and bounce back from adversity and misfortunes in one’s life, one’s ability to overcome the setbacks of life along with being able to deal with pressure, is the most important ingredient that one needs to ever succeed in life.

This was the general message conveyed to the graduants by the Founder and Chairman of Mount Kenya University (MKU) Dr. Simon Gicharu during their 10th Graduation Ceremony. He said that no one should ever wallow or dwell on failures but rather they should acknowledge the situation, learn from their mistakes and then move forward.

Siting the example of Portugal during the recent Euro Cup Final match against host France, Gicharu said that the youth should never let struggling with failure get the best of them.

“I have learnt to be patient and resilient. Sticking to our vision especially at those times when the going is tough. It does not matter where you come from but where you are going. This was best exemplified by the match between Portugal and France during the EURO 2016 Finals that just ended. Portugal beat all odds and emerged the winner. They fixed their eyes on the prize and sure emerged winners,” said Gicharu.

He added that one of his greatest lesson learnt in developing MKU was the need to remain focused on the vision and never to let distractions move one out their vision. He said that there was also a great need for one to be patient and resilient, sticking to one’s vision especially those times when the going was tough.

“It does not matter where you come from but where you are going is really what matters. At MKU, we have focused on our goals with patience and resilience and we have made it.” He said.

He advised the graduants to be ready to face pessimists who will tell them that they could not make it to the top of the employment ladder or succeed in starting any venture due to any reasons. He pointed out that the institution had endeavoured to provide market driven programmes so as to be in a position to contribute to the welfare of our nation.

It had also adopted a model of affordability and flexibility so that so many people who deserved to have higher education benefitted from their programmes. MKU, he added, their fees structure were quite fair and affordable, according needy students the chance that other institutions failed do.

He was proud to note that majority of the country’s pharmacists were a product of MKU and was very happy to offer Kenyans a convenient alternative to acquire valuable skills that would in effect reduce cases of Kenyans travelling abroad for studies.

“Currently, we are consolidating our gains and moving forward, we want to achieve centres of excellence at various campuses. We are now talking about quality and we as MKU are going to champion that in order to ensure that our graduates get value for their money.”

The chairman applauded the government’s intent to implement curriculum change that when completed, will give Kenya a system of education that was compatible with other East African countries.

He advocated for team working that he said would enable each one of them to achieve the very best in their endeavours.

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