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BLAZE Officially Sets Thika Ablaze.

Over the weekend, Thika youth got a chance to attend the 2nd edition of BLAZE’s ‘Be Your Own Boss’ (BYOB) summit to be held at the Thika Technical Training Institute. The summit in Thika attracted many people from Kiambu County and its environs. The majority of them were students from Mt. Kenya University, The Thika Technical Institute and Zetech College.

The youth benefited from mentorship sessions from young successful Kenyans who have blazed their way to recognition by following their passion and also got a chance to learn more about their areas of passion by attending plenary sessions dedicated to the arts, music, agribusiness, entrepreneurship and fashion, as well as career building to be hosted by East Africa’s leading jobs site, Brighter Monday.

This time round the students were given interactive sessions in different passion pods, which were uniquely fashioned to suit the Blazer’s passions. The 12 pods included the Media and Journalism zone, Fashion Zone, Music Zone, Business Zone, Photography Zone, Social Enterprise Zone, Creative Arts Zone, Job Market Training Zone, Finance Zone, Technology and Agriculture zones.

Each zone had specific mentors who gave advisory notes and life hacks that the youths can use to benefit themselves in becoming what they want to be in life. At each pod the blazers all got the opportunity to get a one on one with their mentors, ask questions and learn how to fuel their uniquely respective sessions.

The ‘BLAZERS’ were also able to turn to the food court where even those who wanted to use their bonga points to buy food were able to.

The second half of the day kicked off with some performances from BLAZERS who took the opportunity to show how they express themselves through; dance art, rap, sing and spoken verse. That preceded an hour session with Mentors who each gave more tips and tricks on how one can become their own boss. The day was capped off by electrifying performances by Wangechi, Khaligraph Jones and King Kaka aka Rabbit who brought the house down accompanied with the one and only DJ Kalonje and J.R

All in all, the 3000+ BLAZERS in Thika really showed up and out and demonstrated why they are the chosen ones.

More importantly, most youth found their way in the Job Market Training Zone and Agriculture Zone because, in Thika, Agricultural-based companies and schools are growing at a very fast rate and the jobless youth don’t have the specific know-how on how to approach or apply for jobs. Most significantly, developers and entrepreneurs have developed strong commercial bases along Mount Kenya University. The value of land has consequently appreciated. Due to the effect of the infrastructural developments by the institution, security around has been enhanced, attracting commercial developments such as hostels and residential houses.

Brighter Monday held a number of sessions at their stand. They encouraged the youth to realise their dreams by following suitable skill set.

“Your career is your business; it’s time for you to manage it like a CEO.” Brighter Monday representative Cathy Cassie said at Job Market Training Zone.
At the main arena, renowned artists shared their stories and important life lessons.

“As young people we are very ambitious but we don’t have a plan. We are lazy; we can do so much we only need to push ourselves.”  King Kaka said.
He narrated how he used to sell rabbits and the way his life evolved from accounting to the arts.

“I have a degree in accounting. My first job was at an agency. I was there for a week before I quit.” He said.
Anita Nderu also gave out some tips for BLAZERS at the BLAZE Be Your Own Boss Summit ; set realistic goals, focus on your dreams, avoid Procrastination, always keep track of your progress and keep yourself motivated.

BYOB gives youth below 26 years of age access to a selection of mentors succeeding in unconventional fields, with the aim of empowering them with the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to succeed in those professions.

At the BYOB summit, attendees were also given a chance to audition to participate in the upcoming TV show. Blaze is a youth project to share and champion ideas to be funded to a tune of sh. 5million. It will in September proceed to a Reality TV Show.

Blaze is a tariff by Safaricom for youth aged 26 years and below that helps them to plan and enjoy their air time well. In future, this tariff shall allow users to redeem your bonga points for purchase of items in supermarket, coffee joints and hotel.

To join BLAZE, Press *555#. You can also visit www.blaze.co.ke for more details.

There will be another BLAZE Summit in Nakuru on 15th July at Afraha stadium...  Tickets will be going for 100/=, which is redeemable for airtime/ BLAZE Merchandise.


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