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We In Kenya To Stay, Barclays Bank Assures Its Customers.

Barclays Bank Thika Branch Manager engages with a client during the ‘Wezesha Biashara na Barclays’ initiative in Thika Town.
Head of SME Banking in Barclays Kenya Susan Situma has moved to assure Kenyans that there was no need to worry about the future of the Bank.

Addressing the press during the launch of the Thika Region ‘Wezesha Biashara na Barclays’ initiative, Situma said that the bank was actually expanding to more regions in the country rather than closing shop.

“If we have closed a branch, it is more of rationalisation as opposed to just closing because thare is no business in that market. Earlier this year we introduced a partnership for agency banking with Postal Corporation of Kenya, immediately opening 182 outlets where customers can go bank, withdraw money on real-time basis. That partnership has enabled us where we were not present,” she assured.

She also moved to assure their clients that the Brexit situation would not affect their operations since Barclays Kenya is owned by Barclays Africa Group Limited which is based in Johannesburg South Africa, with Barclays UK just being a shareholder.

“Because of that separation, I cannot say that Kenya has really been affected by Brexit. The only thing that can be affected are those customers dealing with the pound. Because we have seen some speculations in the market around the pound. But what we have also seen in Kenya is that the Central Bank has been able to hold the currency fluctuations that they see in the market. So, in that way we are well prepared for any eventualities,” she said.

Barclays Bank of Kenya is one of Kenya’s leading financial institutions. Established in 1916, Barclays has been a major player in Kenya’s financial landscape engaged in personal banking, Enterprise, credit cards, corporate and banc assurance. The bank offers end to end financial solutions to retail, enterprise and corporate customers and its regional and global footprint enables it to offer cutting edge financial solutions to its clients.

The bank is a leader in the credit card space. It has also been associated with a number of market firsts including the launch of the first ATM, Sharia Banking and unsecured lending. The bank has presence in 38 counties. It has 121 branches, 229 ATMs and a robust Internet and Mobile banking platform.  The bank’s purpose is to help people achieve their ambitions – in the right way.

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