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The Holy Bible Is Not Chinua Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart”, Duale Warns Raila.

National Assembly Majority Leader Hon Aden Duale has appealed to religious leaders and Kenyans to pray for CORD leader Raila Odinga who he described as a person possessed with lies, politics of insults and disrespect to God and the Holy Bible.

“I am pleading to the religious leaders and Kenyans to please pray for this friend of ours. How can he publicly swear with the Bible that he struck a deal with the president at State House knowing very well that the talk didn’t last even five minutes? Someone should tell him that the Bible is not any other book just like Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart,” said Duale when he led a group of four Jubilee legislators to castigate CORD’s clamor for the removal of The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Committee (IEBC) at Thika High School during the institution’s Thanks Giving Day Ceremony.

Duale said that leaders needed to be role models and it was very unfortunate that the political class in this country exhibited the worst of characters to the young generation. He added that was erroneous for any leader to gamble with the lives of Kenyans to get into power.

“We must respect the lives of other citizens. You (Raila) must have a ritual of humility as a leader and should not assume that without you as president Kenya cannot go on! Leadership comes from God and as a country, we must believe in God, said Duale.

He reminded the CORD principal that respect was two-way and he had to accept to be led if at all he expected others to respect his leadership if ever he assumed power to rule the country.

He said that there was no way the Jubilee political wing would allow him and his CORD colleagues to use the constitution as a toilet paper.

“Sheria ni mshasha. We have to follow the right procedure to disband IEBC. We cannot let you use the constitution as a toilet paper! We know you (Raila) are using the issue of IEBC to advocate for fundamental shift in the system of governance to bring about a parliamentary system that will guarantee you a prime minister’s position.”

Area MP Alice Wambui Ng’ang’a said that Jubilee took oath of office to defend the constitution and there was no way they would go against that solemn promise to the nation. She wondered what came of the CORD leadership who in 2010 vowed to defend this same constitution they are now busy attempting to tear down.

She added that Raila’s greatest worry was that time was fast catching up on him and that 2017 was his only hope of ever ascending to power. She equated him to just a common villager and had no power to tell President Uhuru Kenyatta to break his oath of office.

“Raila just wants to take us to the parliamentary system so as to fast track his assumption to power before he loses his eyesight due to age. There are procedures and ways to do things here in Kenya. Our mandate as Jubilee is to implement what the laws and constitution of this country says,” said Alice.

Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung’wa warned the CORD leaders that even if they demonstrated on the streets for the next two years, the status quo would still remain for fate was against them.

He said that Raila was unappeasable for every time you gave him something he asked for another after rejecting what he already had.

“If you want someone’s wife even if he gives you his most beautiful daughter, this person will still sneak to get your wife. That is what is ailing this old man,” said Ichung’wa.

He added that Raila was a perennial liar and would do anything to assume power. He said that as Jubilee, they would not allow him to shed the blood of innocent Kenyans so that he could force for another national accord for a caretaker government  

“If you write his name from the back, it says ‘a liar’. That is what he is. Wacha nimwambie, tumemwonea 18. He is now looking to plunge the country into anarchy and soak the country with the blood of innocent Kenyans in order to force a ‘nusu mkate arrangement just as he did in 2007-08.”

Ruiru Town MP Esther Gathogo equated Raila to a mad man and there was no reason for any sane person to run after him otherwise people might not notice the difference. She added that CORD’s main agenda in this new clamor was simply to disrupt Jubilee’s progress.

On his part, Kiambu Town MP Jude Njomo requested the CORD brigade to respect the constitution and the institution made by it if at all they wanted Kenyans to take them seriously.

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