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Raila Is Just A Villager! We Won’t Break The Constitution Just To Suit CORDitution, Warns Alice.

Thika Town MP Alice Wambui Ng’ang’a has warned the CORD leadership that at no given time will the Jubilee political wing break the constitution so as to suit the clandestine whims of the opposition CORD.

Speaking while officially opening a new dormitory block at Thika Girls High School Karibaribi on Friday, Alice said that it was now apparent that Raila and CORD were not interested in the removal of the IEBC but were just using the institution as a loophole to sneak into government through the backdoor.

“As Jubilee, we won’t condone any kind of blackmail. We are in government by right courtesy of the Kenyan people who voted us in. There is a constitution that guides us as Kenyans on how to go about issues. My question to the CORDed side is, do you really want us to change the IEBC? Do you really want us to dialogue about it or are you just playing games with the Jubilee Government?” posed Alice.

She condemned any form of hate speech regardless of which side of the political divide it emanated from but also questioned the logic behind CORD leaders trying to tie the court proceedings of the ‘hate mongers’ to the issue of the IEBC.

“Why would anyone give the Jubilee Government an ultimatum of 24-hours as a reason as to why they would go back to the streets and yet hate mongers have nothing to do with IEBC?”

She reminded CORD that even if they stayed the whole day in court trying to intimidate the judges, the judges will still do their due diligence and come up with their own independent verdict. She appealed to the CORD principals to let due court process to take its course for this had nothing to do with the stalemate that they were in. She warned Raila Odinga that he possessed no powers to determine who should or should not be prosecuted.

“Kwani the CORD leader (Raila) has become the CJ (Chief Justice) since the CJ retired yesterday? Has he taken over from Mutunga? The only person who can determine who should not be prosecuted is the CJ or the judges there. He is just an outsider. And right now Raila is just a villager,” argued Alice.

“If the think that demonstrations are fashionable, they can go ahead and demonstrate every other day of the week but the issue of IEBC should never be a loophole to negotiate for a ‘nusu mkate’ government. Kenyans are very categorical that they don’t want bloodshed or destruction of their property. Kenyans don’t want school children being caught up in a nightmare not of their own making. Kenyans will not sit back and watch others deny them the right to transact business in the guise of demonstrations.”

She begged the opposition not to drag us back to the 2007-8 Post-Election Violence environment, reminding them that this country was bigger than everyone else and that no one wished Kenya to go back that route.

She publicly prayed to God to never let something like that happen to this country during her term as a leader for history will, in future, judge them harshly.
“This country is bigger than all of us. Nobody wants to go back to the experiences of 2007-2008 again. Kenya was crying then, women were raped, children were killed, (many) people were killed (and) blood was shed. We don’t want to go back there. God will never forgive you for that,” she said.

She reminded Raila that for him to lead this country, he had no other option but to wait till August 2017 for him to lure Kenyans to vote for him.

“There is no shortcut friends. That is our constitution!” she said.

She warned CORD that they risked being the greatest losers if at all they withdrew from the Parliamentary Committee that was on Thursday constituted to resolve the IEBC stalemate.

“This list that was adopted by Parliament yesterday (Thursday) was the beginning of dialogue. Anytime the chair of that committee convenes a meeting and finds that there is a quorum, regardless from which side of the coalition, they will legally collect the views of Kenyans and go ahead with the process. So, the more they are going to delay in this, the more they are going to hurt themselves because, as we all know, the (election) calendar is still moving and August (2017) is beckoning,” she warned.

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