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Man Stabs Wife To Death In Kiganjo, Turns Knife On Self.

The tranquillity of Tuesday afternoon in Rùrií, Kiganjo Estate in Thika West Sub-County was shattered when a 40-year old man stabbed to death his estranged wife before turning the knife on himself.

George Njenga Chege is understood to have quarreled with his estranged wife of three years immediately after lunch break, disrupting the rather peaceful afternoon.

Thika West DAPC Mr. Samuel Obonyo said that they were not looking for anyone else in connection with the death of 32-year old Joyce Wangari who is said to be an employee in the leather industry.

"It is an appalling tragedy. It appears the man picked a quarrel with wife, fought with her and eventually stabbed her several times, killing her instantly. He then turned the knife to himself," said Obonyo.

He was rushed to Thika Level 5 Hospital, clearly in a terrible but stable state.

It emerged that a fight ensued between the couple which eventually turned fatal. On realising that things were getting serious, the neighbours attempted to plead with them to open the door and talk it over.

"Someone called me to inform me that a man was about to kill his wife. On arrival, the house was locked from the inside. Wa Muthoni (George) declined to open prompting me to mobilise young men to break into the room," said Penninah Wambui, a community policing representative.

When they broke the window panes, they saw Joyce lying still on the floor, with his husband silently seated next to her while holding still a kitchen knife by the hand. Penninah immediately notified the area chief and Makongeni police. Before the police arrived, the residents broke into the house and gained entry through the roof by ripping off one of the room's iron sheets.

"The deceased was already dead by the time we entered. When the man realised that we had gained entry into the house, he stabbed himself and attempted to pull off his intestines," said Macharia who was among the first people on the scene.

According to the neighbours who spoke in anonymity, the couple, who have previously been living in Makongeni Estate, had been married for more than three years but separated about three months ago. Joyce shifted to this ill-fated room and lived alone with their 3-year old daughter.

George is said to be frequenting the house but most of his visits resulted in disputes, with the wife requesting him to set her free. However, George stood his ground and always spent the entire day in the house for him to leave in the evenings.

About a week or so, George is alleged to have threatened to stab Joyce after an arguement, an incident that resulted to him being locked in police cells for some days. He was only released after Joyce withdrew the complaints.

The man continued frequenting the house and even moving around 'mogoka' bases with his daughter

"We heard them quarrel again today but dismissed it at first as just their usual scuffles. On realising that it was getting out of hand, we attempted to plead with them to open with intent to mediate but all was in vain," said a neighbour.

Mr. Obonyo appealed to the residents to employ the right procedures in solving domestic disputes. He added that it was the high time people started embracing 'Nyumba Kumi' in solving certain challenges that if well handled, would avoid such extreme outcomes.

This incident occurred just about 200 metres away from the house of 24-year-old Duncan Moseti, the man who early this year chopped off his genitals and cut off part of his wife, Margaret Achieng's (20) left breast, who was by then a mother of a one year old girl, on suspicion that his wife was cheating on him with his brother.

By the time of the tragedy, the daughter was away in school. She is now in the custody of her mom's sister.

The body of the deceased was taken to General Kago Funeral Home.

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