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Thika Town Today Officially Goes Personal

Thika Town Today has officially started gaining face by having members and fans physically meeting and interacting with each other.

Thursday evening saw the first ever meeting at Moments Restaurant, opposite Witeithie House. This was actually a great evening when members actually put a face to the people they chatted with on a daily basis via WhatsApp and Facebook.

The forum presented quite an awesome platform where people from all cadres of life networked and exchanged business contacts, with a few lucky ones actually sealing some business appointments. We were so amazed to realise that the solutions to all our challenges lay within and amongst ourselves, but that was only possible when we exploited the hidden opportunities that were ever present in our midst.

Summing up our observations in just one sentence;- I can only say that we are sitting on gold but looking for it elsewhere.


The session commenced by a brief introduction of the attendees by name plus what they did for a living. The members were dumbfounded by the vast diversity and wealth of ideas they had at their disposal.

The intro was followed by the opening remarks by two of the facilitators of the forum, Jaymo Wa Thika, a co-admin of Thika Town Today and Mr. Alfred Wanyoike, the Thika District Business Association (TDBA) Secretary who also happens to be the Kiambu Region Business Coalition (KRBC) chairperson.

The two explained to the participants why they, along with four others, had thought about the group beyond regular chats and updates. They said that socialising was good but there was need to add value into it by using it to improve the general welfare of its members and the community we lived in. This, they said, was only possible by taking advantage of the forum to network and also make business. 

Those in the business world can attest to me that business is about numbers and networking. The more people in your network, the more is your clientele. It is about knowing about what one wanted and how to get it. By creating a meeting such this, the members would no longer be chatting with strangers online but known friends, potential clients and future business associates.

In this way, the platform will be transformed into an engine of growth economically, socially and even politically for those who had an eye for political leadership.

Honesty and Integrity

Otherwise, it was noted that for this to succeed, every member had to handle their affairs (both within and without the group) in decorum, integrity, and utmost honesty. Courtesy and respect for each other was also paramount.

The floor was then open to the participants to express their views on the group, its potential and the way forward.

The participants were all in agreement that Thika had so many opportunities that were hardly exploited, especially in the human resource. They were in consensus in the much they had been missing as a people for previously ignoring the power in the people they lived with. They resolved to make this platform the face and encyclopedia of Thika and its environs.

To reach more people, they agreed to source for more ideas on how they would expand their market-base in order to tap even those who were not in their social media fora.

Way Forward

It was resolved that the members would meet on Thursday the 26th of May at the same venue (Moments Restaurant) at 4:30pm so that the can deliberate on the way forward for the group as well as deliberate on the ground rules for engagement, both on our social media platforms and in our day to day interactions.

They agreed that they would advocate for people being tolerant of each other’s opinions as they did debate on matters of interest to both their wellbeing and the general welfare of our beloved town Thika.

As Thika was not an Island, they decided that they would accommodate issues outside Thika as long as they were relevant to the people, especially the business community who had interests in other places.

Ultimately, they floated the idea of having a “Theme Topic” of the day every day of the week so as to guide members of what to expect each day. Otherwise, other updates such as news bytes, traffic or security alerts could be featured anytime by any member.

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