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DCC Puts Land Grabbers In Thika West On Notice.

Thika West Deputy County Commissioner Tom Anjere has put on notice all those who have grabbed public utility land and those with illegal titles deeds saying that they will face the full force of the law.

He said that his office was working with Kiambu County Government to reclaim riparian land, wetlands, road reserves and other public utility lands adding that before anyone put up any houses, they should involve the county government and ensure their plans have been approved.

“Those who are not willing to respect the environment, to respect the planning; they should consider their days numbered. We are not going to think about what you have done on any space if it is a threat to the environment and does not comply with planning regulations,” he said.

The DCC said this in Mabati Hall, Thika Sub-County Stadium on Monday where he chaired the district’s joint security meeting. He added that within the next two weeks, all estates should have formed their own Estate Associations that will oversee their own hygiene, security and such illegal developments.

“All public utility lands in this area will be documented, thus all illicit titles will be revoked. I ask you as the residents to be very vigilant to help the authorities fight this vice. The Estate Associations will be of great help to monitor security and all other illicit activities in our residential areas,” said the DCC.

These Estate Associations will help authorities in collecting relevant data necessary for better service delivery.

“These Estate Associations will help list down all public and private utilities within their jurisdiction, identify the owners of undeveloped land so as to curb land grabbing as well as help clear unwanted bushes and maintain hygiene within the estates. They will also have the duty to organise on how to secure their estates, say by enclosing them in walls to allow only one or two entry and exit points from the estate,” he said.

He said that they were in the process of devolving security into the sub-location level so as to enhance monitoring and control of security matters.

He appealed to the officials of ‘Nyumba Kumi’, community policing, Peace Committee and elders to be tipping the authorities on illegal activities and suspicious characters so that they can assist them serve the wananchi better.

The DCC warned bodaboda operators that there would be a major crack down if at all these operators did nothing to flash out criminal elements amongst them.

He said that starting from Thursday this week, Thika West District will hold a series of meetings with the people in an effort to re-align its sub-location and location boundaries after Juja was hived off Thika West.

On Thursday, his team will be in Biashara Location at 10am and Makongeni at 2pm to collect public views on the boundaries. On Monday, the team will be in Kariminu Location.

Speaking in the same venue, Thika OCPD Erastus Muthamia said that crime in the area had gone down save for a few cases which he said that police were looking into. He asked wananchi to cooperate with the police and assist the police serve them better.

He noted that the town had in recent times, Thika had an influx of ‘chokoras’ and beggars who he suspected were being transported from elsewhere and dump to the town by disreputable and dishonest people out to fleece the public through these beggars.

Thika District Administration Police Commander Mr. Ombonyo asked wananchi to report all rogue officers to their superiors so that they could assist security organs serve them better.

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