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Why The President's Visit Yesterday Left Behind A Disappointed Lot.

Efforts by a group of youth to block President Uhuru Kenyatta as he made his way out of town hit a snag after his motorcade sped off, leaving them dejected and disappointed.

The young men wanted him to address them, having got wind that he was in Thika town to launch ACK Thika Diocese's 5-year Strategic Plan held at St. Andrew's Cathedral.

They stood in front of Mr Kenyatta’s convoy at the Kenyatta Highway-School Road Junction next to Munene Industries, drawing the attention and wrath of the president's security detail who roughed them up and cleared the way.

As the police elbowed and shoved them off the road, the now agitated youth began shouting Mr Kenyatta’s name and asking him to address them.

“Tunataka President Uhuru aongee na sisi (We want President Uhuru to speak to us),” they shouted.

Before the president could witness anything unusual, the police cleared the road, giving way to the presidential motorcade to speed off and leave. 

Mr. Kenyatta was just left waving from the inside of his car without even any part of his body being visible from the outside.

His action angered majority of them who argued that the president had given his home county a raw deal. They said that ever since he assumed office, he has never taken time to hear them out.

Those who talked to Thika Town Today took issue with Uhuru for giving priority to regions that never voted for him while leaving them to languish in poverty. They argued that the president was not giving his strongholds the development boost he had pledged during his campaign for the presidency.

"Uhuru is dodging meeting us because of multiple unresolved grievances in the community. Aki mwambie Uhuru that we are frustrated. We feel as if he fears offering us jobs and opportunities for fear of being labelled tribal," retorted Simon Muhoro, a jua kali artisan in Makongeni.

All those we talked to were of the view that the president should aggressively guard his strongholds as he was unlikely to win over the regions that overwhelmingly voted for the opposition in the last general election.

There was also this school of thought that the president avoided stopping due to the political rivalry in Kiambu County. Some said that Kiambu was 'neglected' because of the infighting between Governor William Kabogo and Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu.

"Hii shida yote tumeletewa na Kabogo na Waititu (All these problems have been caused by Kabogo and Waititu)," said one young man who did not want to be mentioned. 

In February this year, President Uhuru turned the heat on Central Kenya leaders saying their conduct had been discouraging him from visiting his political home turf. He singled out the fights between Kiambu Governor William Kabogo and Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu as his reason for failing to visit the county.

He also accused leaders of taking advantage of his visits to milk political capital for their campaigns.

One man defended the president saying of late he had made his tread not to talk politics on Sundays especially after a church service.

"Siku hizi orezoo habongi akitoka chach. Akishaa ongea ndani ya chach yeye tu hutoka na kuishia zake (These days the president doesn't talk after a church service. Immediately he addresses the congregation in church, he just leaves)," said Joe, a student at MKU.

Otherwise, they declared their unwavering support for the President but asked him to set aside some time and visit the people of Kiambu County for a one-on-one chat.

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