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Stop These Antediluvian Fights, Nyokabi Tells Kiambu Politicians, CORD.

Kiambu Women Rep. Anne Nyokabi Gathecha has challenged Kiambu leaders to shun confrontational politics but instead prove their worth by engaging in politics of development and delivering on their campaign pledges.

Speaking at Thika Technical Training Institute during the graduation of 400 youth who had undergone a scholarship programme under the National Government Affirmative Fund, Nyokabi criticised a section of Kiambu leaders and the country’s opposition chiefs for failing to put the interest of the country first for always jostling for leadership instead of uniting in the interest of the people who elected them.

I just like to appeal to the politicians and not just to the county politicians, whoever has been elected in their seat is elected and nobody can take that away from them. But the question that will be asked is ‘what have you done?’ So, let us pull and work together to ensure that the Jubilee Government is able to drive its development agenda,” she said.

She stressed that time for campaigns will come and what was important now for the leaders is to work to see to it that the youth were empowered and to help ‘Wanjiku’ achieve her goals in life.

“Instead of (CORD) telling us to go and storm the IEBC, why don’t they tell us to storm the Ministry of Education to ensure that we have enough student with the technical courses and certificates or storm areas like energy so that they ensure that every single home has electricity, running water, roads etc. Those are the kind of development politics that will help Kenya move from being a developing country to a developed country. That is what is going to make us proud when we stand up and say we are Kenyans but not the kind of politics that will take us back to chaos and anarchy,” sais Nyokabi.

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The 400 graduants that the Kiambu Women Rep. was commissioning had undergone a one-month course in various technical skills courtesy of a scholarship being funded through the National Government Affirmative Fund. These courses were geared towards enabling those young people to be able to be self-employed, be able to employ others and have certificates that would enable them get employed in any institution as skilled human resource.

All of these students graduated at Grade 3 Level and are now eligible to sit for the NITA exams in November-December this year. The programme is in line with the Jubilee Manifesto dream of creating 1 million artisan jobs.

“As a developing country, Kenya requires technical skills more than ever and we would encourage people in leadership to focus on technical training skills. These are the courses that will allow the eleven million unemployed youth of this country to be able to put food on their table and be able to have family,” she concluded.

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