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MCA Moves To Dispel Malicious Rumours About His Health.

Hospital Ward MCA Hon. Mwangi Wamwangi (J BEE) has  moved to dispel rumours being spread by some malicious characters that he was in a critical condition.

Speaking exclusively to Thika Town Today on Friday, J BEE dismissed them as prophets of doom out to take advantage of his predicaments to soil his name. He said that his condition had greatly improved in the last few days as he could now fairly use his limbs to move around, contrary to what was being spread that he was now in ICU.

"It is quite sad that someone can use my condition to maliciously attack me for political or even personal mileage. I thank God that I can now move my limbs though in a limited way. This is a test that I have undergo. I will triumph in Jesus Name and join you in nation building very soon," he said.

He also explained that his phone has been offline most of the times due to the state of his ears.

"The doctor advised me to limit the use of my phone so as not to pressure my ears so much as they had been slightly injured. My physiotherapy sessions have been going on well and the doctor has assured me of positive recovery," J BEE added.

He thanked all those who have been calling him or sending messages to wish him quick recovery as well as all those who have taken their time to visit him. It was their prayers, he said, that had moved him this far.

For now, he appealed to his constituents to bear with the situation and all what he is managing to do for them.

"It is with hard feelings that I have to at times serve you in absentia. I believe that delegation is part of good leadership and no activity should move to a halt due to my absence. At the moment I will at times have to serve you through my assistants who are doing a great job to ensure that all what I had promised you is fulfilled."

He asked to parents with students in secondary and tertiary institutions to collect bursary forms as his office was still facilitating for their approvals.

He wished all of the students the best in their end of term exams and prayed that they have a safe and memorable April Holidays.

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