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Body Of A Middle-Aged Man Found Dumped In A Makongeni Kibanda

Residents of Makongeni Estate in Thika Sub-County woke up to a rude shock when they discovered a lifeless body of a middle-aged man with deep cuts on his forehead dumped in a ‘Kibanda’ near Kamenu Stage.

The unidentified man, believed to be in his 30s, is suspected to have been slashed with a sharp object across his forehead before his body was then placed on the kibanda.

Residents who were on their way to work early this morning said they found the body after noticing some blood on the scene.

"The man still has his mobile phone in one of his pockets and a rucksack on his back. He resembles one of the porters who carry loads either in Madaraka Market or elsewhere," said one resident who did not want to be quoted.

The scene had no signs of commotion at the scene but the ground had a pool of blood. He had been laid on his back and had his woolen cap worn nicely to disguise someone who was asleep.

By 10am when our team left the scene, Makongeni police, who are just a stone throw away, had not yet arrived to either do some preliminary investigations or collect the body from the scene.

Area police officers were put on the spot over rising the insecurity across Makongeni region. The residents we spoke in condition of anonymity expressed dissatisfaction in the way the security authorities were failing to playing their role satisfactorily, allowing criminals to operate freely in the area.

“Over the last few days, the residents of Phases 4, 6, 7 and 8 know no peace as they live in perpetual fear. We have been experiencing so many cases of muggings and people being stabbed even as early as 8pm. Right now two people are in hospital after being attacked by these people,” said a very agitated resident.

They cited the case of one lady who is currently admitted in hospital after she was last week attacked by these gangs in Phase 7. She is said to have met these boys outside as she ran away from her husband at around 8:30pm following some domestic dispute. 

There was another case of a shopkeeper who was robbed in Phase 4 at around 6am in the morning as he was opening his M-PESA shop.

We also heard of an incident in Phase 6 where a thief sneaked into a vacant room in one of the plots and hid inside. When the time was ripe, he woke up and opened the gate for his accomplices to attack and rob the tenants of that plot.

There has been numerous reports of people being attacked and robbed at the Polysack and B.A.T. bus stops after alighting from matatus especially between 8 and 10pm. The case is similar for those leaving for work early in the morning before 6am.

“These attackers are usually very young boys of between 15 and 25 years. Some are suspected to be students but act as thugs at night. They move in groups and will pounce and stab their victims with the slightest of provocation, “said a woman who did not want to be identified for fear of being victimised.

 “This area has seen an alarming upsurge in insecurity. The police have failed in their duty to protect us and this unmasks the vulnerability of ordinary Kenyans. Insecurity has reached a tipping point, eroding the confidence of even entrepreneurs,” said another man.

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