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Rogue Bar Owners Now Conspiring With Corrupt NTSA Officers To Steal From Drunks.

As the whole country is up in arms to fight illicit brews and second generation liquor which have spelt doom amongst our youth, regular and formalised bar and restaurants are now emerging to be the new threat in town.

Popular joints that specialise on selling nyama choma and other delicacies that accompany beers have now devised an evil scheme to fleece their patrons off their hard earned cash.

Since their liquor licenses permit them to sell alcohol at any given time of the day (including outside the Mututho hours), revelers flock in at any time and enjoy a drink or two as they wait for their ‘ka nyam chom’ or ‘kadry fry’ to get ready.

It has now emerged that ‘Mututho hours’ has been left to be obeyed by the meek and poor who cannot afford to enjoy a bite in such places. The moneyed who frequent these joints drink with impunity even as early as 7am and as late as past 3am at night.

This has brought about a new crop of alcoholics who no one is ever thinking about as the chiefs and the police chase the chang’aa and busaa consumers in the suburbs. 

This is where the shrewd bar owners are now taking advantage of the unsuspecting patrons to fleece them off their money. Some bar owners, especially those whose bars are located along Thika Superhighway and those along The Eastern Bypass in Kamakis area are now colluding with corrupt National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) officers to steal from the patrons.

The trick here is that, they usually call these NTSA guys at around 7pm in the evening to lay ambush near their bars. So, whenever any of the patrons wishes to drive home after some few drinks, the owners of these bars warn them of the now dreaded ‘vuta pumzi’ checks near the area. They advise them to leave their cars at the bar and call a taxi home.

Considering that most of these places are not all that secure and the kind of inconveniences these patrons would experience the following morning going to work without their vehicles, most of these customers end up opting to drink their way till morning and drive to work then without fear of crossing paths with the NTSA.

In that way, the bar owners reaps more money from these unsuspecting clients. The NTSA guys get paid by the bar owner in return for holding these drunks in his joint.

The result is a fleeced patron who has been denied the chance to rush home to his wife and children against his will.

The authorities should therefore crack the whip on these people, especially in Kamakis area where this racket involving NTSA vuta pumzi officers is very rampant.

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