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Mysterious Objects Spotted in Thika's Sky.

Rare occurrence as three strange objects are caught hovering Thika's skies late Thursday afternoon. 

We do not even know where to begin with this article as it is maybe the strangest group of Mysterious objects reports ever sent to us. 
Since the reports came to our news desk yesterday from different people located all over Thika Town we can only trust in what they were telling us the truth and pass it on to our readers. Obviously Thika residents were seeing something very odd. 

According to an eye witnesses they saw three circular objects covered in shining light hovering silently over the storey building that houses Society Stores and the Telecommunication Mast at the General Post Office.  The eye witness who encountered this large objects did not see a base of the objects on the ground . They saw this huge structures hovering in the sky for a split second and disappeared. 

"I managed to capture a few shots of the strange objects via my DSLR camera before I knew it the strange objects had disappeared, I almost thought it was end time and indeed the Son of Man had come to pick up his people,"said the visibly shaken eyewitness.
Thika Town Today would like to caution its readers that though it is not yet confirmed by the authorities Thikarians should all be prepared for unusual reports  as the activity in our skies continues to change and grow. We admit these new sightings even took us off guard at first. Once we were sent reports from people all over the town and its outskirts who did not know each other we knew something new was on the horizon. 
 We had to wonder how many others  may have seen something similar and felt it time to write about this floating objects phenomenon.  If  you have seen something similar do get in touch with us via our usual channels so  that this new strangeness can be brought forth as another unknown.

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