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Man beaten up for causing a ruckus over his missing pineapples.

Thika town was brought to a stand still Tuesday evening when two youthful men took to the streets to exchange blows and kicks over an allegedly missing pineapple.
Trouble began when the aggrieved party noticed that two of his pineapples had gone missing just when he was about to finish his duty at the construction site.
He confronted his colleague demanding him to produce his pineapples or else face the music.
It was then the accused descended on his friend with kicks and blows demanding him to apologise to him, which he failed to.
Afterwards a fight ensued with pedestrians,motorists and construction workers alike watching from a distance.
The incident occured opposite Seoul Photo Studios next to Gatumaini Primary School and Mang'u Stage.
The aggrieved party was thoroughly beating with a few of his construction colleagues coming to his aid when it was too late.

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