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Form 4 Student Loses Testicle After Teacher's Beating.

A Form Four student at St Peters Kandara Boys high School in Murang’a County has lost one of his testicles after allegedly being brutally punished by his Deputy Principal.

According to the boy (name withheld), the deputy principal, a Mr. Muniu, acted out of anger when he suspected that the victim had sneaked to his office window to listen to a case concerning another student that he was handling.

“I was going out as the duty prefect taking the roll call at around 8pm on the 24th of February. The deputy saw me and said that I was listening to that case. He angrily called me into his office and ordered me to bend over for some caning. He took a Maasai rungu and gave me for strokes of the cane from behind, accidentally hit one of my testicles, sending a very sharp pain in my brain,” the boy said.

The following morning, the students broke off for mid-term.

At home, the pain got serious and the boy could feel it rising to his back and also complained of severe headaches after two days.

Upon return to school after the break, the pain got unbearable and the boy sought permission to seek medical assistance. It was then the School principal, a certain Mr. Kiigu, called the parents of the boy to collect their son for medication.

“On Sunday, the principal called me to school. When I went there, the watchman did not allow me into the compound since they never allow outsiders to access the school over the weekends. My son was brought to me with instructions that we rush him to hospital,” said the father.

He claims that the son had difficulty in walking and was complaining of too much back pains and at the groin area.

“When we took him to the hospital, the doctor ordered three X-rays to be undertaken on the boy, one which included at the groin region,” explained the father.

It was then the doctor broke this sad news that one of the boy’s testicles had to be removed since it had been ruptured, failure to which, it could lead to other serious infections and complications.

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The boy’s mother narrated how her son had been having numerous conflicts with the said deputy principal since he was in Form Two. She alleged that at one time the DP had sworn to her that he would destroy her son’s life to a point that he (the son) will never get employment anywhere in Kenya.

As if to confirm this threat, the mother said the deputy had denied the son registration to this year’s KCSE exams only to retract after this incident. The boy was given index number 105 which is the last one in the school. The mother notes that her son was ranked in positions between 50 and 60 in the mock exams.

The boy has a history of issues with the deputy since he claims that at one time, the teacher accused him of being involved in drugs even when he was not among those students who were caught with bhang during a school trip.

The parents have since recorded a police statement and are only seeking justice for their son.

The Government abolished corporal punishment in schools under the Basic Education Act, Section 4 which states that basic education shall be guided by the values and principles of eliminating corporal punishment or any form of cruel and inhuman treatment or torture. In addition, the Children's Act 2001 categorizes corporal punishment as a form of violence against children and states that a child shall be entitled to protection from physical and psychological abuse.

The boy is currently recuperating at Thika Level 5 Hospital.

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