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Deejay Mmarik, The DJ With a Difference!

Who Is Deejay Mmarik?

My name is Mark Nicholas Bwire, the C.E.O. and founder of B-Sounds Entertainment & Deejay Academy.

I was born 35 years ago in Thika’s Biafra Estate. Our family later shifted to Kiandutu Slum then to Makongeni Estate. I schooled at Thika Muslim Primary School, went to Kiranga Secondary School before later doing a driving course.

After school, I rented a small room in Kiganjo Estate before moving to Makongeni Estate. The early years of my life were quite challenging but I thank my mom for preparing me to face any situation in life like a man and never looking back.

What Does B-Sounds Entertainment do?

This is a company that specialises in music entertainments and events’ organisation. We do organise weddings, birthday parties, harambees, dowries, company get-togethers, roadshows and so on.

We have a deejay academy too that trains students interested in this entertainment industry and currently, we have a class of 15 students.

How did you start as a deejay?

At first, I was a dancer with a certain dancing crew in town but always admired Deejaying. In the year 2008, a cousin of mine by the name Ben started training me about disc jockeying and later Deejay Rhaj of Njata TV. In the year 2010, I eventually established my own sound system.

How was that possible?

My wife (By the way I am married with two kids) took a small loan from her work station which I used to start my career as a professional Deejay. With God’s grace, I have been able to grow it to a level that I can now provide sound systems to 7 different events at one given moment. I currently have 36 Deejays/Technicians working for B-Sounds Entertainment.

It must have been so easy for you.

No! Not exactly! It has been quite a long journey for me and my family. We had to sacrifice a lot of things to achieve what we have so have far. I can say that quality service, discipline and hard work have always been my selling point. Above all, I have always put my trust in God and He has never failed me.

What has been your inspiration and who really attracted you to this field?

My love for music has been my driving force all through. Making people happy makes me feel so good.

Dj John of Homeboyz Entertainment is my mentor and really long for that day that I will rank in the same league as he does.

Is Deejaying really worth the name?

Oh Yes! Deejaying pays my bills. The entertainment industry pays well.

How successful is your company?

Through my efforts and networking with friends and clients, we have been able to win contracts with big companies like Safaricom, Del Monte, Orange Telecommunications, Nampak and THIWASCO.

Does it mean you don’t experience any competition in Thika?

Thika has so many established and very good entertainment companies. All we do at B-Sounds entertainment is to offer quality service to the satisfaction of our clients. These are the people who refer us to new clients. 
We have also diversified our services by including some great variety of entertainment features. To add onto music and the deejaying, we have included the Zangalewa dancers, Salsa Dancers, Sakata Dance troupes, Traditional Dancers and acrobats into our menu.

We employ the services of professional MCs who keep the crowd very entertained and engaged throughout the event.

We also offer gift hampers that include branded umbrellas and T-Shirts.

From what I see, you must be very expensive to hire.

Oh no! Our rates are very competitive. We do charge clients depending on their ability and the kind of event they intend to contract us.

What challenges do you encounter in this endeavour?

The Music Copyright of Kenya and Kamp Prisk are our greatest headache especially when they come to harass us for playing Kenyan Music. I fail to understand the logic behind their actions since we first and foremost, download their music from their official sites. We also believe that by playing this music to the people, we are actually promoting and advertising it on their behalf ‘Pro Bono’.
Transportation at times has been a challenge especially when we get caught in traffic jams and at times if our vehicles develop some mechanical problems. The clients fail to compromise with our explanation whenever we get late at their events.

We at times encounter difficult clients who make irregular payments or fail to clear their part of the bargain.

What is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you in the course of duty?

It was that one evening that we went to a certain place in Ukambani. There wasn’t any power so we had to use a generator. The funniest thing is that a total of 12 generators failed to function eventually making us call off that event altogether.

What is your dream in this field?

I pray to God to see all those who have passed through my academy and company to one day reach the level Dj Mmarik has reached. I wish that I can mentor as many aspiring deejays as possible.

What is your advice to the youth and those aspiring to be like you?

Hard work, discipline is key to success. You can never make it in this industry if you fail in the two. You must also be passionate with what you do at any given time. They should also never give up and should keep God in their equation always.

What don’t we know about Dj Mmarik?

I have a very big craving for stew and rice. Any kind of stew ignite the lion in me.

And how can potential clients reach you?

You can get me on 0720217771 and can also get me on Facebook as Deejay Mmarik Bwire or email him at mmarik80@yahoo.com 

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