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"I am in the 2017 Kiambu County MP race," declares Chania.

Kiambu TNA Coordinator Madam Gladys Chania Mwangi has officially declared her interest in vying for the county women representative position come 2017.

Chania made the announcement on Saturday at Chania High School Grounds in Thika during an ID and Voter Registration drive organised by KamemeFM and Gakuyo Real Estate.

She expressed displeasure at the fact that a large number of Kiambu residents continued to suffer in poverty as leaders failed to execute their mandate in favour of political theatrics.

“Si hata mimi natosha kuwa Mama County? I have been serving others as the TNA coordinator and it is now time I served the larger populace,” she said.

“I have also been touched by the plight of the Kiambu people. I have a dream and strategic intent to facilitate the alleviation of the challenges that they face.”

Chania expressed confidence that she will clinch seat on a Jubilee Party ticket in 2017 adding that the time for real change was now. 

She said her priority if elected, will be to ensure that Kiambu residents, especially the youth and the maginalised,got economically empowered to enable them promote development in the region.

“My agenda includes but is not limited to improving our education facilities and working for greater transition from primary to secondary education through helping children from poor backgrounds get bursaries, women and youth empowerment as well as endeavouring to bring sanity to the politics of Kiambu County in general,” said Chania.

She stated that as a warm-up for the next elections, as many Kiambu residents as possible should register as voters. 

She appealed to the youth and women to acquire identity cards in massive numbers in readiness to register as voters ahead of the next elections, noting that President Uhuru supporters must also turn out in large numbers to vote at the next polls to ensure a landslide win for the Jubilee government.

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