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New Twist To J BEE 'Accident' Theory

Eyebrows are being raised as new evidence shows that someone might have been behind Hospital Ward MCA Mwangi Wamwangi's  last week's motorcycle accident, reigniting suspicion that foul play was involved in the tragedy. 

Events leading to and after the alleged accident are erratic about the accident theory with claims now emerging that there is more than meets the eye. Family members and his colleague MCAs now claim that J BEE might not have been involved in an accident at all and it might have been a matter of an assassination attempt gone sour, may be because someone wanted him eliminated for political reasons.

First, the sequence of events after the accidents really do not tally.  According to Hon. Emily W. Warutere (Nominated M.C.A) who was the first person to receive the news about the accident that night, she received the news of the accident earlier than the time the police had booked as the actual time of the accident thereby raising suspicion as the actual time of the accident. She also questioned the logic behind the rider who was carrying J BEE being unable to recall anything that had transpired on that fateful moment. She added that one of the boy's injuries included a black eye, an indication that he might have been punched with a fist.

According to the account from J BEE himself, he could recall taking some tea before leaving the venue for the 'macakaya' in Kiandutu. He later excused himself to leave at some time before midnight. The bike used to ferry him home was the same one he used when heading to Kiandutu earlier that evening but he said that this time round the rider was different. The last thing J BEE could remember was them arriving at Broadway High School.. Nothing more. He only regained his conscience to find himself at Aga Khan University Hospital, with the kind of injuries he was in.

One thing was apparent, J BEE at one time wept when he tried to recall the events at or around Broadway High School. 

The nature of his injuries was also a matter that raised suspicion among those who listened to the chronological of these events. First, there were no visible signs of someone who had been scratched by the ground or tarmac. The head seemed as though it had been hit with a blunt object. He had some injuries on both sides of the jaw, one tooth was broken as some others were shaky. The injuries on his wrist showed indications of someone who might have been involved in a fist fight. 

Generally, it was hard to explain the nature of his injuries since it was as though he had fallen, bounced and rolled around like a ball.

Another issue that MCA for Ngewa Ward Hon. Karungo Wa Thang'wa  raised was that of the machines involved in the accident. He wondered under what circumstances the Thika Police released the alleged fuel truck that is said to have hit and injured both the MCA and the bodaboda rider. There too, was no one to explain the exact scene of the accident or the traces of such an accident. He questioned why the police never found the said motorcycle at the alleged scene of the accident. He added that this particular bodaboda is said to have been repaired already and was back to work, something Karungo wondered considering the extent of the injuries inflicted on his colleague.

Hon. Martin Wachira Ngure M.C.A Riabai Ward also questioned why the clothes J BEE was in at the time of the accident never indicated signs of an accident scenerial. He asked how the bloody clothes had no dirt or any tear despite J BEE allegedly being tossed to the ground by the purported speeding truck. He also questioned why they were said to have been immediately washed or kept away. 

He also claimed that J BEE's call log and messages on or around that time were not being traced from his cellphone.

J BEE's mother said that the vest that her son had worn on that fateful night still as white and had no indication of dirt or tarmac marks. She too claimed that a doctor at the Thika Level 5 Hospital pulled her aside before they left for Aga Khan hospital and asked her if her son ever drunk alcohol, smoked or abused drugs. She said that J BEE has never taken any of the said substances. This question disturbed her so much since according to her, the doctor might have been insinuating that her son might have been high on some drug or alcohol at the time of the alleged accident. 

On the morning of Saturday, a well built man who claimed to be a fellow biker with J BEE went to Aga Khan Hospital before the visiting hours and tried to bribe his way into the facility. The security declined to take his sh.2,000 and sent him away. This incident has sent shivers into J BEE mother's spines, not knowing the real intention of the said person.

All these people were saying was that they weren't buying into the accident theory and they requested the police to do a thorough investigation into this matter. 

Meanwhile, doctors at the Aga Khan Hospital have requested to put on hold visits to the MCA for about three to four days to allow time for his jaw to reconstruct as the too many visitors who were visiting him were putting too much pressure on to it as he tried to communicate with them. So, friends and relatives have now been notified that no other person will be allowed to see him until the doctors are satisfied that he was ready to receive them.

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