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Kiandutu Man Use ‘Black Magic’ To Nub His Attackers.

Shock and disbelieve engulfed the residents of Kiandutu Slum in Thika Town, Kiambu County on Sunday as news of a bizarre incident where seven people young men fell unconscious after allegedly being bewitched by a fellow resident for breaking into his house and violently robbing him off property worth Sh. 65,000 and Sh. 30,000 in liquid cash.

The victim, Patrick Karumba told the press that thugs pounced on him and his family the previous night after lacing them with a drug substance while sleeping. He alleged that they woke up at 2:00pm only to get their house empty.

He then decided to seek the services of a Tanzanian witch-doctor  in a bid to unravel his assailants. He confessed to have paid the witch Sh. 20,000 for the services after the police failed to help him get the perpetrators.

When asked if he was sure that the seven were the real culprits he responded to the affirmative saying that he was double sure of their identity. Amazingly, two among the suspects were his biological sons.

Mr. Karumba had to be rescued by the police when an irate mob that had gathered to witness this strange incident wanted to lynch him. They demanded that he reverses the situation to free the suspects of the effects of the witchcraft. This prompted him to call the witch who unfortunately declined to come claiming that Karumba had only paid him Sh. 12,000 and could not reverse it without him clearing the balance of Sh. 8,000 as per the agreement.

The residents are said to have conducted an impromptu fundraiser and raised the money. It was after this that the said witch appeared and did his witchcraft that the suspects regained their senses.

Karumba was later arrested and taken to Thika Police Station while the suspects were taken to Kiandutu Health Centre for some medical checkup before they could be charged for theft and robbery.

Thika West Administration Police Commander Mr. Samuel Ombonya confirmed the incident adding that the matter was under investigation. He assured the members of public that the perpetrators would be charged if at all they were found culpable.

He warned that no one had the right to endanger the life of another human being saying that witchcraft was also against the law. He appealed to wananchi not to take the law into their hands but instead be notifying the area security officers who had been assigned the duty to apprehend to criminals.

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