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Thika police have arrested three carjackers posing as car buyers after street urchins foiled their attempt to rob the owner of his car.

In an incident that happened on Saturday evening along Mama Ngina Drive, opposite The Beat Klub, the gangsters, two ladies and two men who were very smartly dressed, had posed as clients intending to buy the new Toyota Corolla Rumion. After agreeing on the price and signing the necessary documents, the thugs demanded to be given the car keys and the papers. They delayed the transaction to make sure that the banks had closed thus forcing a cash transaction.

The car owner plus his colleague became adamant that they had to complete the whole transaction before they were allowed to do any further activity. It was at this juncture that the gang turned violent. The thugs pretended to be police officers arresting the victims. They even had fake police IDs to fool the public. They handcuffed both men and started struggling to grab the keys, an activity that took quite sometime.

It was then that street urchins who were lazing around Mama Ngina Gardens noted something amiss with the car that had been parked on the parking lot. They drew nearer and on realising that help was coming, the car owner raised alarm and called on the urchins to help. They jumped over the garden's fence and started confronting the thieves. 

In the ensuing scuffle, the thugs drew a gun and shot in the air leading to the members of public who had arrived in the scene to run for safety. Luckily for the victims, the urchins never retreated. They kept on destructing the thugs until one member of the public grabbed the man who had the gun. In the commotion, the thug managed to shoot him on the palm but was unlucky since by then the police had arrived. 

A cop who was enjoying his drinks inside The Beat House Club spotted one of the thugs who is a lady trying to draw a gun from her purse. He must have asked for reinforcement since backup had arrived almost immediately. 

The police moved in swftly, shooting the thug who had the gun one shot in the stomach as two of his accomplices arrested. They were frog-marched to Thika Police Station amid an irate crowd that was baying for their blood. 

One lady thug managed to escape. The injured thug, who was bleeding profusely from the stomach, along with injured member of public were rushed to Thika Level 5 hospital as the rest of the thugs were taken to the police station. 

Of late, this area has been notorious of car thefts. Some have invented a trick where they are posing as stranded passengers, ask for your cellphone and use it to make calls that facilitate crime. Once such crimes are committed, The phone owner ends up in hot soup as the police start pursuing them in search of these thugs.

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