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Thika's own sons Mr. Joseph Karanja and Mr. Julius Macharia Taki have been appointed to the Kikuyu Council of Elders Youth Wing to represent Thika Sub-County in a ceremony that was held on Ndumberi Grounds on the eve of the new year.

Karanja was selected Thika Town Constituency's Youth Representative while Macharia the Group's Organising Secretary. Mr. Samuel Kariuki now represents our neighbouring Juja Constituency.

This decision was arrived at by the Elders' Council after they realised that the youth in the Kikuyu Community were loosing touch of their culture as well as their cohesion as a community.

Those selected were mandated to go round their constituencies, teaching the youth about their culture as well as mobilising them on their roles in leadership and economic empowerment. They are to move into youth groups, mentoring their colleagues as well as sensitising them on the already available opportunities for the youth in both the national and county governments. In this way, this team will bridge the gap that has been hindering the youth from accessing government facilitated funds, tenders and the assumption of leadership positions.

They were therefore called to take centre stage, mobilising all youth in the community to come out and be counted in all that was affecting them and the nation at large. To achieve this goal, the youth representatives are supposed to pass all the relevant information through training and seminars. In this way, Kikuyu Youth will be empowered to take up leadership positions and also assume contracts and jobs that came to their disposal.

We here at Thika Town Today would like to congratulate Karanja, Macharia and Kariuki for their new appointments. Thika is proud of your achievement and we pray that you will use you status to empower the regional youth and more so the ever diminishing boy-child.

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