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Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has urged the youth in the county to take advantage of all opportunities at their disposal such as tenders and Kiambu Biashara Fund saying that it was by grabbing such opportunities that they empower themselves economically. 

The Governor noted that the youths failed to apply for the tenders thereby leaving it to other people. He said that it was quite unfortunate that some of the youth who won previous tenders resulted to selling them to the experienced and older entrepreneurs at throw away prices.

Speaking during the launch of Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO) Sensitisation Campaign in Kiambu County, Kabogo lamented that last year only 17.5% of tenders were awarded to youth and women groups in the county rather than the mandatory 30% worth of tenders to the special interest groups.

“The youth and people with disabilities shy away from even visiting our offices. They can’t get these tenders unless they come to the offices,” he noted.

“We have no problem if you sell the tender to established entrepreneurs but can you not learn the art while at it? We want you to partner with experienced people and apply for all tenders, including road construction,” he added.

The Kiambu county government has set aside Ksh. 1 Billion shillings worth of tenders to be awarded to youth, women and persons with disabilities.

Kabogo reiterated his government's commitment in support of the programmes 
adding that he would continue working with all sectors of the society to devolve the services down to the ward level so as to reach as many residents as possible.

Speaking at the same event, nominated Member of Parliament Isaac Mwaura called on the youths to take the advantage of the platform and grab the opportunities.

He raised concern over the delayed payments to suppliers saying that it was hurting business start-ups.

“The government should allocate enough funds to development so that money is availed in time as this will see the youth enjoy doing business with the government entities,” he said.

Individuals and groups that aim at benefiting from preference and reservations schemes, an enterprise owned by youth, women or persons with disabilities shall be a legal entity that is registered with the relevant government body and has at least 70% membership of youth, women or persons with disabilities and the leadership shall be 100% youth, women and persons with disability.

Kiambu Youths Affairs and Sports Executive Machel Waikenda said that lack of capital to establish businesses coupled with cut throat competition from rich companies were among the main challenges facing the youth in Kenya.

“The main aim of Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO) is to raise awareness and encourage youth, women and persons with disabilities on to register their owned enterprises to get government tenders under the 30%. Since its inception, uptake has been low in terms of entities registering for AGPO,” he said.

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