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Madaraka Market is in the news for all the wrong reasons yet again!

This Friday morning, the market almost turned into a bloody battlefield when irate traders in the market pounced and flashed out a section of their colleagues whom they purported to have back-stabbed them by playing Judas in their fight over the market.

It was alleged that a group of about 50 traders went to Kiambu Governor yesterday behind the backs of the rest of the traders, purporting to be an interim committee sent as emissaries to seek a solution to the Madaraka Traders-Kiambu County Government impasse. 

 It is said that they together with the governor settled the matter and agreed to resolve the matter by withdrawing the cases against the county government and start paying county government trading fees. In return, Kiambu government would, with immediate effect, start cleaning the market and prepare for the market renovation exercise.

These allegations are said to have been confirmed by the governor's office and the said representatives through a local radio station last night, a matter that angered the Madaraka Market traders.

So, this morning, the traders woke up to caterpillars cleaning up the garbage, a factor that made true their fears. They immediately started flashing out the 'suspects' from the market and ordered the machines out of the area. When things hot up, the said suspects flee to the nearby Makongeni Police Station for refuge.

When the OCS Makongeni came to settle the matter, the traders denounced this group and said that they would not allow them to divide and foil their struggle to reclaim their market.

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