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Humans Of Thika: Meet Wendy Leslie

Wendy Leslie is a budding musician plays the acoustic guitar. She has performed before a small audience at her local church during Christmas season at an event dubbed "Xmas Carols Service". 
She recently cleared high school and she has her eyes set on pursuing a course in either Public Relations or Engineering she intimates to us that music is her number one hobby.
She is currently studying a short course in computers at the Harvard Institute-Thika.

Wendy Leslie. 

1. Did you grow up in Thika?

No I wasn't born in Thika. I was born in Nyanza, my parents moved to Nairobi and finally Limuru and now Thika so I'd say I have transversed different counties in Kenya.  All this movement has helped me learn a thing or two about different cultures and languages and socialised with lots of people.

2. What do you love about Thika?

Thika is a great town there are beautiful sites to visit and chill out,the town is generally clean except for a few areas also most of my friends are in Thika that goes to show you that people of this town are friendly.

3. What would you love to change about Thika? 

I would love to change the parking situation at times you will find motorists jostling for parking space  within the town to avoid creating further congestion why can't we impose strict measures that motorists to park their vehicles outside the town? Also the dirt situation is so frustrating I'd love to see people take a keen interest in keeping Thika cleaner.

4. As a budding musician how is it trying to grow your talent in Thika? Is Thika open to what you do or what could be better?

So far the people I have interacted with are supporting my art. Though I have not be given a huge platform to perform I take guitar classes in Thika that goes to show the demand for mentor ship and nurturing art in the form of music is high. Thika is slowly beginning to appreciate the art of music if the number of budding musicians such as I is anything to go by.

5.If you had a friend coming in from outside the Thika what three things would you say to sell them the idea that Thika is worth visiting.

Transport within and outside the town is reliable so come and visit14falls and cascading water falls at Blue Post in case you want to unwind and kick out dull moments and finally pull a random move and perform to people at the Kristina Wangari Gardens :).

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