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A concerned resident of Thika Town has been observing this lady of unsound mind do a routine exodus every morning within the town's CBD towards the U-Shop area, begging for food for herself and her three kids. This young mom usually walks with wherever she goes.

There seems to be quite a number of people who assist with clothing. She is alleged to sleep near Mortgage Estate area near the K.R.A. Headquarters. It is in her 'home' that some merciless men take advantage of her plight and abuse her sexually. The result of this is three kids so far; thank God that they are quite healthy.

Some people are now getting concerned about her state and that of her kids. They are worried that someone one day may harm her or her kids. These kids also run a risk of being defiled by those sex pests who prey on their mother.

Their concern is that the area has an administrator (Ass. Chief) who part of their role is to take appropriate actions in cases like this. Being within the town centre, Thika Sub-County Social Development Office and the Department of Culture & Social Services, Kiambu County are just a stone throw away. One therefore fails to understand how all these officers have failed to ever come across these poor souls. This shows an aspect of negligence of duty.

Under the Children's Act CAP 141, a child is in need of care and protection if, amongst other things, is found begging or receiving alms, their parent or guardian does not, or is unable or unfit to exercise proper care and guardianship or is exposed to any circumstances likely to interfere with his physical, mental and social development.It is the role of the Department of Children Services to intervene on behalf of any child who is in need of care and protection and is in danger of imminent injury or harm, where possible by securing the removal of such child to a place of safety.

The children of mentally ill parents are a special risk group. It is a medically proven fact that children born of mentally ill parents have a higher risk of developing mental illnesses themselves over the course of their lives due partly to genetic influences and partly to an impairment of the parent-child interaction because of the parent’s illness .

Children born of insane women are often ignored because most people believe that there is no solution to their plight. This is a wrong assumption because these children too need protection from any physical or psychological harm. The law also provides for their adoption, foster care and other intervention processes.

 It also quite in order to report their plight to the relevant authorities or take action to protect a child in need of care. Any person who, on reasonable grounds believes that such a child is in need of care and protection may report that belief to the local offices of the Department of Children Services or the area chief.

We as Thika Town Today therefore call for the relevant arms of government to take the appropriate action before we all cry the 'I wish I knew song'.

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