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Over the weekend, Psychologist, Drug & Alcohol Abuse Counsellor Madam Gladys Chania Mwangi hosted a group of youth leaders from Thika and Ruiru Sub-Counties for an empowerment program at Right @Home Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Thika during their end of the year celebrations. 

Oracle Youth Group from Ruiru had visited the facility to take lessons on Community service and volunteer work that were facilitated by Ann Njogu. Dr. Madam Susan Gitau, a reknown psychologist, counsellor and the proprietor of  International Professional Counselors Centre, took them through social and emotional intelligence in youth and leadership.

On her part, Madam Chania sensitized them against Alcohol, & Drug Abuse as well as preparing them for political parties leadership. She stressed the need to invest in the youth who she said held the future of this nation.

"As a nation we should seriously invest in our youth to  achieve social and economic growth. Most of these youth are certified degree and diplomas. All they need is proper guidance and resources to venture into entrepreneurship", she said.

She lamented about how so much talent and mental wealth amongst our youth went down the drain due to alcohol and drugs. Most of this she said was not of their own making but was largely related to the older generation's failure to play their role in naturing and mentoring these young brains. 

"We as leaders and the society have failed to mentor our sons and daughters into he leaders they are meant to be. We are very quick to point fingers at their mistakes but are never their to guide through the challenges they go through in life. This is the time leaders and the society started being pro-active and prevented the problems the youth go through way before they do happen," Madam Chania said.

She added that everyone had an obligation to invest in the youth by setting up programme s that identified and developed their raw talent early enough in good time. We should always be pro-active as leaders, she concluded.

She also challenged the women of Kenya to stand and be counted adding that they represented the largest 'tribe' in the country. She appealed to them to vie leadership positions in the next general elections arguing that there was no valid reason for women to lose out on the 2/3 gender principle.

 She told them to stop being fence sitters but be bold enough to take the bull by the horns. 

She urged them to always support and stand by their own anytime they were called to. She urged them to take up any leadership positions that came their way saying that this would  be in turn a perfect opportunity to propel themselves into climbing the social and economic ladder.

She reminded them that ten years down the line, the law on to affirmative action will be absolute and they would no longer take advantage of it .

The youth enjoyed a great time after the counseling session. They made merry, exchanged niceties with each other and used the forum to network as they marked the end of year.

Madam Chania used that forum to wish all the youth of Kiambu county and Kenya in general a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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