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Ngogoyo Legends; From left- Wahome Wa Maingi, DK Wa Wanja,Kigia Wa Esther and Musaimo being franked by Njeri Wa Gatanga
Orange House along Garissa Road, Thika was the destination of choice Sunday afternoon when it hosted the famous 'Mbùri Cia Inooro 237' with pomp and colour. People of all walks of life, some from as far as Nakuru Town thronged in their numbers to be part of the launch of 237 Ngogoyo Sacco as well as recognising the contribution made by the musical legends of the Kikuyu Community.

Dubbed 'Grand Finale-Season one', the theme of this month's fete was 'Celebrating our Legends'. The organisers had felt it appropriate to reward the yester musicians who entertained the community with their lyrics that were very rich in content and message. They felt that it was quite wrong to just recognise them when they pass on. They argued that it was very important to reward them when they were still alive.

The origin of Mbùri Cia Ngogoyo 237 was the very popular Inooro Station's radio Sunday programme by Kamau Wa Kang'ethe which is aired every Sunday afternoon from 12-4pm. The programme goes down memory lane by playing popular Kikuyu and local Kenyan music of the yester years, some dating long before our independence. Its rich content helps the new generation get to learn about the Kikuyu heritage and culture through music. The older folks are also brought back to life and made feel young again as they sing to their boyhood tunes. 
Inooro FM Ngogoyo Presenter Kamau Wa Kang'ethe with Man Kata of Inooro
It was this same enthusiasm that brought Thika revellers together and taunt the idea of bring rùrírí (community) together through Ngogoyo ya Inooro. 

The idea is the brain child of by Mr. Kimani (Ndagitarí) and WaMoreen who used to jam Wonderful Bar in Ofafa Estate every Sunday afternoon to listen to this programme. This became so popular and this is where the two thought of using this unifying factor to bring people together. 
At the Orange House, it never meant much until one day, electricity went off and there was nothing much the patrons could do to keep entertained. It was at that time that Mr. Kimani asked one of the patrons to tune in to Inooro FM for Ngogoyo. The volume of the car radio was set at full blast and its doors opened wide so as everyone could hear from wherever they sat at the club. What they heard became a darling to everyone in the place. This eventually became a habit. Every Sunday afternoon, revellers would come to Orange House, open all the doors to all their cars and tune in to Inooro FM. The programme became a crowd puller, attracting new people each Sunday afternoon.

After much soul searching, Mr. Fredrick Gaturwa (Kinyambi 1960) fronted the idea of adding value to what was now proving to be an unifying factor. He asked Mr Muigai (Mùtùri Mùno) who is the proprietor of Orange House to think of how this occasions could be used to both network and make value for the time they spent at his place. Mr. Muigai embraced it with open arms and they started donating goats for each occasion. 
Muigai Wa Muturi Muno and Kinyambi 1960
Kinyambi took it upon himself to popularise it by linking it with Kamau Wa Kang'ethe at the Inooro studios as well as social media. He opened Facebook and WhatsApp groups which he used to network, grow the group and update the group members of the next Mbùri Ya Ngogoyo. 

Mr. Ngiri, a promotions manager at Royal Media's Inooro FM has been very supportive to the group. He has been very instrumental in promoting the group's activities via radio broadcasts as well as in donating goats and money so as to help the Ngogoyo family grows and keep that flame glowing.
Later they taunted the idea of a welfare group which members approved without a second thought. They would use the welfare to assist each other on various social life challenges. The welfare group also does some charitable works where they visit the less fortunate in the society and donate both foodstuffs and clothing.

Recently, the welfare group has brought forth a sacco, 237 Ngogoyo Sacco which currently has about 1000 members and still growing. The sacco is open to any member of the public, subject to registering with sh.500, a membership fee of sh.1,000 as well as a minimum monthly contribution of sh.1,000.

Sunday's Ngogoyo was the official launch of this sacco. Members and well wishers had contributed more than 20 goats and other foodstuff to be celebrated with all members of public. They had invited popular Ngogoyo singers, Musaimo Wa Njeri, CDM Kiratu, DK Wa Maria, Wahome Wa Maingi and Kariuki Wa Kiarutara who they had planned to fete for their good contribution to the Kikuyu Music Industry.
Last evening's occasion was graced by the presence of Governor William Kabogo and several Kiambu MCAs. Entertainment was lived up by Ngogoyo artists, Musaimo, Wahome Wa Maingi, Kigia Wa Esther and DK. Other musicians who made special appearance were John De Mathew, Muigai Wa Njoroge and Njeri Wa Gatanga who electrified the place till the wee hours of Monday morning. Githingithia assumed the MC for the celebrations.
Kiambu Governor William Kabogo greeting Ngogoyo 237 fans
Anyone who missed this actually lost it big deal. Otherwise, all is not lost for the doors are still wide open for you to join the Mbùri Cia Ngogoyo 237 bandwagon.

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