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This automobile (or is it an earthplane?) was spotted yesterday roaming the streets of Thika Town on Christmas Day. After doing its laps of honour, its 'pilot flew' home for Chrismas via Thika-Muranga Road.

Well, regardless of how anyone else sees it, this is what we call real innovation. This kinds of brains are let to rot to waste by the authorities who fail to nurture them. This automobile has been developed using very locally available materials. Most of these has been collected from garbage, those things that we take as waste and converted into something as useful as this auto.

Innovations are the core engine that powers any company or nation. It is the high time our leaders started celebrating idea generation even when the ideas are just plain bad.

It’s about fostering ideas to allow people to make mistakes that eventually become great innovations. For anyone to succeed as a new entrepreneur, they need the right contacts, capital and resources to launch their own startup. Such gifted brains need government  assistance, funding, as well as workshops, networking, showcasing and pitching opportunities with potential investors to help their business innovations to thrive.
This man has the skills needed to lead the next generation of creative problem solvers and innovative thinkers. Let us seek ways to help such brains.

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